You can never truly enjoy Christmas until you can look up into the Father's face and tell him you have received his Christmas gift.

— John R. Rice

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The world never burned a casual Christian at the stake.


If you surrender yourself, and do not rush, but meditate on the Word of God, you will find prayer forming in your heart. It is a prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit, a prayer that God will be pleased to hear.


Sex appeal alone is the poorest basis in the world for a happy marriage.


People go wrong in their fellowships before they go wrong in their doctrine.


I want no Christmas without a burden for lost souls, a message for sinners, a heart to bring in the lost sheep so dear to the Shepherd, the sinning souls for whom Christ died.


No one can be a good Christian who does not with holy zeal set out to know, delight in, and live by the Word of God!


The best soulwinners are those who go when it is convenient and then go when it is not convenient.


Present-Day Wickedness, Apostasy and Modern Civilization Cannot Prevent Revival.


What kind of Christian are you? Did you ever lose a job, or lose a night's sleep, or lose a friend for God? If your Christianity never costs you a dollar, never cost you a friend, never cost any tears or broken heart, then can you really say that you love the Lord very much? To be a really good Christian is going to cost you.


What a compelling motive we have for prayer, for preaching, for soul winning when we learn that every responsible human being who leaves this world without a definite change in heart immediately lifts his eyes in Hell, tormented in flame!


The normal Christian life is a life of regular, daily answer to prayer.

In the model prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray daily for bread, and expect to get it, and to ask daily for forgiveness, for deliverance from the evil one, and for other needs, and daily to get the answers they sought.


When you get saved, you get saved not because you deserve it, but because you simply let God save you and because you confess your own poor sinful state and your inability to save yourself.


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God's people should be baptized because God commanded it, not because some church requires it.


I tell you, Heaven is a real, literal, physical place, a city as material, as physical, as literal as Chicago or London or New York or Tokyo.


Those who go to Heaven ride on a pass and enter into blessings that they never earned, but all who go to hell pay their own way.


Salvation is a free gift.


Prayer is asking; the answer to prayer is receiving.


He that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.


A Christian might drink only ginger ale at the tavern bar, but there he is already on the way to drinking beer and whiskey. The girl who attends a ball but never dances a step, will soon surrender her body to the lustful embrace of every casual male acquaintance as other dancers do.


This world loses its appeal when the steps become tottering, when the hearing becomes dim, when the faded eyes cannot see as they once did. When loved ones are nearly all gone on ahead, then all the riches or fame or pleasures of this world are baubles and trash.


No matter what a man's past may have been, his future is spotless.


Let no preacher in a little church think that he has no audience for his message. An unseen audience of multitudes compass him about! Let no Christian who sins in the dark think that he is unobserved. He is compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses! Assuredly in Heaven they know what goes on on earth.


The Saviour said He was going to prepare us a place.

How wonderful it will be is beyond human computation. Remember that in six days Christ made the heavens and earth and all that in them is.... If He made so many wonders in six days, then what beauties and marvels He has surely prepared during these 1900 years in which He has been preparing our mansions in the Father's House!


All Satan's Apples Have Worms. I do not deny that the Devil has some pretty apples; I just say that all of them are fakes and that after you bite into them, you will find they have worms. All Satan's apples have worms.


And then the dear Lord will take us to the new earth, surrounded by the new Heaven, and the holy New Jerusalem will come down from God out of Heaven. Then we will have an end of pain and sorrow and crying and death. All these, thank God, will be forever done! And then God Himself will wipe away our tears.


It is a sad and shocking fact that many religious people are in Hell.


Any time a Christian is conscious of his sin, judges the sin and takes sides against it with a penitent heart, then he has a perfect right to trust the Lord for instant, complete forgiveness and for perfect cleansing.


The moment we're born they try to make us cry, and sometimes it seems as though they never stop. Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside of us. Never borrow sorrow from tomorrow! No matter what a man's past may have been, his future is spotless.


If you were enough like God, some one wouldn't like you.


God doesn't send His children to Hell either.

It's just the Devil's children that God sends to Hell. Why should God look after the Devil's children.


To keep the faith, run with the right crowd.


Any pleasure that would keep you from Christ is a sinful pleasure that will doubtless cause you anguish, heartache, tears and remorse.


When boiled down to its essence, unforgiveness is hatred.


According to the Bible, a genuine answer to prayer is getting what you ask for.


Christian, that sin which first came between you and God is bad, but that is not the last step in the progress of sin. The most guilty part in this quadruple sin is to hide it, deny it, ignore it, refust to confess it, refuse to repent of it!


After one is right with God and pleases God, the next most important thing in all the world is to be right with one's own father and mother.


You can't win everybody to the Lord, but you can always win somebody.


We ought to shout out our thanksgiving as if every war were over;

as if there were no more big taxes; as if there were no sickness, no crime.


The best way to get rid of criminals is to stop raising them.