It's something you dream about as a kid. Like when you play all those NCAA video games as a kid and you create your own player and win the Heisman with a bunch of crazy numbers. It's the biggest, most prestigious award in college football, so it'd definitely be a dream come true.

— Johnny Manziel

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I grew up knowing a lot about LSU watching them on TV.

They were always on TVI had a bunch of friends and family at LSU. It's a cool stadium. I never got to go to it. I heard it's really a special place. It's a big place. It's intimidating. It's loud. We have to play really good there. I'm looking forward to playing there.


The thing thats caught me off guard is going to dinner and people asking me for autographs or to take a picture. People coming to my house asking for autographs - thats something I really havent grasped the whole entirety of yet.


I'm growing up and continuing to learn from my mistakes and trying not to make the same ones over and over again, but am I going to live in a shell, or am I just going to hide from everybody and not do anything? I don't think that's the way I should live my life, and I'm not going to do it.


I'm a small-town kid from Kerrville, Texas.


I don't see myself as Johnny Football.


It's a great group of people here at Texas A&M, and everybody you run into is incredibly polite.


I still see myself as young, the same guy I was before I ever won the Heisman.

Hopefully my friends still feel I'm the same way. I just want people to know I'm still the same person I've always been.


The Heisman attention has definitely been a little bit of a surprise.

It's been out of my hands. It's something I'm not focused on. I'm focused on the season and trying to win as many games as possible.


I'm very about football and very about my job, which doesn't get reported or won't get reported, but I am going to enjoy my time off. That's I think what everybody else does, and that's what I should do.


For me, the NFL is the thing that's always been, kind of somewhat like the Heisman, it's been a dream as a kid to be able to have an opportunity to even be talked about being able to play in the NFL.