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  1. If you're good at something, never do it for free.
  2. We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. Now we just look down, and worry about our place in the dirt.
  3. Time is an absurdity. An abstraction. The only thing that matters is this moment.
  4. We are the only instrument for understanding the universe. We have to ground it in human beings.
  5. Believing the lie that time will heal all wounds is just a nice way of saying that time deadens us.
  6. I'm hoping that the suspension of the space program is just that, a suspension, and that it's not the final say in the matter, because I think we need it.
  7. Typically with HBO shows, the ninth episode often winds up being a big one and when lots of exciting stuff happens. And then the tenth one is the more placid, character-based one.
  8. I always love it best when you have a project where there is this commingling of the subject matter and the way in which you're recording that subject matter.
  9. TV is, as I'm discovering now, a marathon. You have to keep going and going and going.
  10. I'm a big believer in practical and location photography.

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  • I don't think anyone really understands why a show works or why it doesn't.
  • None of us like violence in the real world, but we're fascinated with it onscreen.
  • The thing about working on a TV show is that it becomes, very quickly, all consuming.
  • We live in a moment in history in which our privacy may not be important.
  • For a few minutes of every day, every man becomes a genius. This is the tragedy of life.
  • Books are a time machine.
  • Every man is a mob, a chain gang of idiots.
  • How can you forgive if you can’t remember to forget?
  • I've always been interested in themes of memory, paranoia, and revenge.
  • One of the things with our show is posing a lot of questions, but getting a lot of answers too.

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Time is an absurdity. An abstraction. The only thing that matters is this moment. This moment a million times over. You have to trust me. If this moment is repeated enough, if you keep trying — and you have to keep trying — eventually you will come across the next item on your list. — Jonathan Nolan

Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight. — Jonathan Nolan

One of the things that's really fun to tap in with television right now is this sort of explosion, the peak TV moment that we're in, people are exploring different modes of storytelling here. But one of the exciting things here is being able to commit upfront to a big, big, big story. — Jonathan Nolan

I've worked in the movie business for many, many years, where you have lots of days and lots of money. It's really mainly about time. We always try to conceive all of our action from a place of, "What can we shoot that looks fantastic?," rather than trying to do the kinds of thing that you would be able to accomplish in a movie. — Jonathan Nolan

To a certain degree, with a TV show, people are looking for a certain amount of familiarity. You don't want to pull the rug out, but you also want to keep things fresh and keep changing it up. — Jonathan Nolan

Television is very different than working on film. With films, you get to develop a set of characters, and then, at the end of the film, you have to throw them away. — Jonathan Nolan

I was definitely looking for a reason to impose rules in the story during the writing process... a set of reasons that you could graph for why it's not chaos and anarchy - for why it has to be order, and why you need architects and an architectural brain to create the world of the dream for the subject to enter. — Jonathan Nolan

I don't like to talk about messages so much with films simply because it's a little more didactic. The reason I'm a filmmaker is to tell stories and so you hope that they will have resonance for people and for the kind of things you're talking about. — Jonathan Nolan

I remember when I was a kid my first real confrontation with space travel was when the Challenger exploded and I remember how traumatic that was for me, because I remember watching that on the news and all the children in our class were watching. — Jonathan Nolan

We're going to leave this planet at some point further than we have, we're going to go beyond the moon, we're going to go to mars. We all kind of know that on some level, I think actually. So there's an inevitability to human evolution, this being the next step. — Jonathan Nolan

Each week the machine is spitting out a number for a new person or a new world within New York that you get to know. And the idea from the beginning was that some of the characters would stick around and become part of the lives of the show, and the world of the show itself will continue to grow. — Jonathan Nolan

For me, the attraction of TV is that you continue to get to tell those stories and refine those characters. The other thing is that TV, in the last years, got really, really, really good. — Jonathan Nolan

I'm a big believer in pose some questions and then answer a few of them before you move onto the next set of questions. — Jonathan Nolan

Time eventually convinces most of us that forgiveness is a virtue. Conveniently, cowardice and forgiveness look identical at a certain distance. — Jonathan Nolan

Here's the truth: People, even regular people, are never just any one person with one set of attributes. It's not that simple. We're all at the mercy of the limbic system, clouds of electricity drifting through the brain. — Jonathan Nolan

The secret to all drama, film, TV, or books - the thing that people respond to most, and the thing I find myself as a viewer feeling most interested in, is the idea of change. — Jonathan Nolan

We're gonna play a little bit of a game here [Person of Interest movie]. Greg and I felt like we had responsibility when we wrapped up the pilot, to have a roadmap for where the show went. When we pitched the pilot, we knew what we wanted the last episode to be, the last image, I think we even know what the last song is. — Jonathan Nolan

I think that we, as human beings, always need to conquer our fears and reach beyond our grasp and I think it's very important that we don't become complacent or stagnant. — Jonathan Nolan

It can be easy for an actor to go "Well I really have to do a lot" and then just saying "I don't need to do anything, I'm not bound to do anything". — Jonathan Nolan

I don't think you can guess what people will really like. You have to come at it from a more natural place and then kind of hope that your taste is shared by enough people to keep going. — Jonathan Nolan

Even if you're not a parent, you have parents and you've been in those situations where there's a certain kind of goodbye - nothing this extreme exists, but I think that's what everyone holds onto, that common denominator that runs through this that everyone can understand. — Jonathan Nolan

Mankind's expectations have to be greater than ourselves and that the further out there we go, the more we find out that it's about you and me. — Jonathan Nolan

Everybody is waiting for the end to come, but what if it already passed us by? What if the final joke of Judgment Day was that it had already come and gone and we were none the wiser? Apocalypse arrives quietly; the chosen are herded off to heaven, and the rest of us, the ones who failed the test, just keep on going, oblivious. Dead already, wandering around long after the gods have stopped keeping score, still optimistic about the future. — Jonathan Nolan

You'd have a quality insurance department, where they're making sure there aren't any glitches or weird things, and that the guests have a great experience and seamless experience. You'd also have security. So, we laid out the corporate structure, and then we cherry-picked from that the people who would be brought into the most conflict and the most day-to-day relationship with each other and with the hosts. — Jonathan Nolan

You know, we certainly have a great budget on the show, but the expansions to world of the show really arise because, and this is kind of the idea of the premise of the show, where is each week you're kind of meeting . . . It's random access. — Jonathan Nolan

I thought it would be an enormous amount of fun to make a movie that heads out into space, which is something that we had never done before. — Jonathan Nolan

I was struck by - Einstein's a fascinating figure who didn't have any instruments that he used, he didn't use telescopes, he used his mind to try to understand the universe. — Jonathan Nolan

You get to a certain moment where you realize all those humans who landed on the moon did so in between Chris [Nolan] being born and me being born and no one had gone back since, all these Super-8 films we grew up watching of rocket launches, you get to a certain age and you realize all the speeches about going back, they're speeches, there's no money there, we're not going back. — Jonathan Nolan

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  1. Jonathan Nolan's work emphasizes the importance of creating complex characters and stories that explore the human condition.
  2. His work also highlights the power of collaboration, as he often works with his brother Christopher Nolan to create some of his most successful projects.
  3. Lastly, Jonathan Nolan's work demonstrates the potential of television to tell stories that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.

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