We have to change the system. The system is very rotten. The executive is corrupt, the Congress is corrupt, the judiciary is corrupt. ... So what's left We really have to have a radical and surgical change to bring back the image of our country.

— Joseph Estrada

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The truth will come out in the end.


I will prove my innocence, ... I guarantee the Filipino people that I will be vindicated because the truth is on my side.


Why should I resign ... First of all, I am not guilty of any of these charges. Second, we have a constitution to follow.


My detention has been worth every second if only to prove my innocence to those who truly matter most my countrymen.


Peace, ... is crucial, because my government aims to hasten Mindanao's development by transforming it into the country's food basket.


Philippine President Joseph Estrada said he was saddened by the conviction.

It's very unfortunate and what happened is saddening, ... If he really is innocent, then the day will come that his name will be cleared.


The downsides of globalization are indeed painful, .

.. But taking the bigger pills against its ills is superior to living inside a sterile bubble.


There is only one government in the Philippines and that is how it will stay.


My term ends in June 2004 and I have no intention to change that.


I hope that the truth shall eventually give me back my freedom.


Through the ballot, we can defend our democracy from the threat of dictatorship.


I'm convinced I will be cleared of all these charges that were unfairly leveled against me.


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