It feels good to be awake, knowing others are asleep. Makes you feel like the night is not for everyone, just a chosen few.

— Joseph Morgan

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When you're indestructible, then nothing is a threat really.

So nothing needs to be taken that seriously.


I'm self-conscious in photo shoots. I much prefer to do interviews and talk about the work.


I would never assume to tell another actor how to do his job!


If you're working with someone who you get on with and you're supposed to hate them on the screen, then you get this playful challenge thing where you're trying to one-up each other and that's really interesting. Sometimes it can become like tennis. The harder you hit the ball back, then the harder the hit it back to you.


I wanted to branch out into American television, specifically because you get to develop a character for a longer period of time and you get to develop a relationship with the audience.


It's always more interesting when you're doing things with someone you like because you're much more open to suggesting things. Also, it's fun. It's like if you're sitting with your mates and you're bantering, or you're winding each other up and insulting each other in a playful way, but having fun with it.


You never want to play too vampiric or generically evil, so you look for emotions or character traits that you can relate to.


Jack Nicholson is a hero of mine.


I love The Walking Dead. I’m a massive fan of that show.


You know, I’m fan of women in general. I don’t want to discriminate.


I've always had an incredible interest in the villains, which are a lot more fun to play.


There’s something kind of rewarding about playing the hurricane.

My job is to create drama and chaos and there’s a lot of fun to be had doing that.


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