Climate change is a crucial issue in todays global agenda. Hopefully, we will wake up to this reality, sooner rather than later. Pressure has been mounting on European Union Member States to act decisively to fight global warming. A bold target has been set reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20 by 2020.

— Joseph Muscat

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What the people out there are calling for is honesty which has been missing for quite some time now. We are tired of all the deceit and incompetence of this government.


I come from a generation of sceptics, who do not believe what politicians say.

The Labour Party wants to convince people through actions, not words. The Nationalist party have given the country 25 years of lies, the Labour Party will build the country anew.


Students should not feel as if they had missed the boat if they failed examinations and should be presented with more opportunities to further their studies.


Corruption is another tax on the consumer and it is the Maltese families who are forking the money to make up for such corruptions.


We should be active leaders in the fight for civil liberties which adequately reflect present social realities. Furthermore the left as a movement must appropriate the green agenda. Sustainability has to become the foundation of all our pursuits. This movement is my dream and vision. The left remains strong in Malta, but stronger it will become if we have the courage to unite and dream.