The only real power comes out of a long rifle.

— Joseph Stalin

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I believe in one thing only, the power of human will.


When there's a person, there's a problem. When there's no person, there's no problem. Josef Stalin


I trust no one, not even myself.


Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.


Great Britain provided time; the United States provided money and Soviet Russia provided blood.


Education is a weapon the effect of which is determined by the hands which wield it, by who is to be struck down.


This creature softened my heart of stone.

She died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity.


When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.


It takes a brave man to be a coward in the Red Army.


We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries.

We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or they will crush us.


Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalty to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority. Later the regions can be brought together all the way into a single world dictatorship.


By May, 1st, 1937, there should not be one single church left within the borders of Soviet Russia, and the idea of God will have been banished from the Soviet Union as a remnant of the Middle Ages, which has been used for the purpose of oppressing the working classes.


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The Pope? How many divisions has he got?


The press must grow day in and day out - it is our Party's sharpest and most powerful weapon.


Ah, these diplomats! What chatterboxes! There's only one way to shut them up - cut them down with machine guns. Bulganin, go and get me one!


The Red Army and Navy and the whole Soviet people must fight for every inch of Soviet soil, fight to the last drop of blood for our towns and villages...onward, to victory!


Remember how the first world war broke out.

It broke out as a result of the desire to redivide the world.


In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance.


The United States should get rid of its militias.


You do not lament the loss of hair of one who has been beheaded.


The leaders come and go, but the people remain. Only the people are immortal.


Farmers present by themselves the basic force of the national movement.

Without farmers there can be no strong national movement. This is what we mean when we say that the nationalist question, is actually, the farmers' question.


In war I would deal with the Devil and his grandmother


Artillery is the god of war.


- Oh no, The Collective Farm policy was a terrible struggle.

.. Ten million (he said holding up his hands). It was fearful. Four years it lasted. It was absolutely necessary.


If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.


How do you expect the Germans to revolt when they don't even dare walk on the grass?


Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union.


Words are one thing - deeds something entirely different.

Fine words are a mask to cover shady deeds. A sincere diplomat is like dry water or wooden iron.


You know, they are fooling us, there is no God.


At this point the question of Ukraine is the most important.

The situation in Ukraine is very bad. If we don't take steps now to improve the situation, we may lose Ukraine. The objective should be to transform Ukraine , in the shortest period of time, into a real fortress of the U.S.S.R.


Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach.


We [U.S.S.R. and U.S.A.] can exist peacefully together if we don't indulge in too much mutual fault-finding in all kinds of trifles.


Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited;

and to abstract oneself from this fundamental division; and from the antagonism between poor and rich means abstracting oneself from fundamental facts.


Is it possible, then, to doubt that we can and must gain victory over the German invaders? The enemy is not as strong as some terror-stricken pseudo-intellectuals picture him. The devil is not as terrible as he is painted.


You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.


The reason why there is now no communist government in Paris is because in the circumstances of 1945 the Soviet army was not able to reach French soil.


This war is not an ordinary war. It is the war of the entire Russian people. Not only to eliminate the danger hanging over our heads, but to aid all people groaning under the yoke of Fascism


Our Red Army now needs IL-2 aircraft like the air it breathes, like the bread it eats.


Quantity has a quality all its own.


There is talk ... of our constructing Dnieprostroy through our own means. The means needed are great, several hundred millions. Let us not get into the position of the peasant who, after accumulating a nest-egg, instead of repairing his plough and renewing his equipment, buys a gramophone and goes bankrupt.


When you chop wood, splinters fly


Have not fascism in Italy and National Socialism in Germany claimed that they have attained similar results [as in U.S.S.R.]? Have not both been achieved at the price of privation and personal liberty sacrificed for the good of the state?


I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how;

but what is extraordinarily important is this - who will count the votes, and how.


We Marxists believe that revolution will occur in other countries, as well.

But it will occur at a time when it will be considered possible or necessary by revolutionaries of those countries.


Each position, each metre of the Soviet territory must be stubbornly defended, to the last drop of blood. We must cling to every inch of Soviet soil and defend it to the end!


We believe that the Anarchists are real enemies of Marxism.


Death solves all problems - no man, no problem.


Bukharin's a swine and surely worse than a swine because he thinks it below his dignity to write a couple of lines.