For me, the desire exists less to get myself a degree than to just go and have the whole college experience, and throw myself into the brain pool and see if I can swim.

— Joshua Jackson

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Maybe it's due to my west coast liberal upbringing, but, the idea of parallel universes doesn't strike me as being too far out there.


If I only dated actresses, Id be a very lonely man.


I'm not really the type to wear my heart on my sleeve.

I would let someone know if I liked them, but it takes a while for me to fall in love.


I hate people saying anything stupid.

I don't really suffer fools very well at all. When people are acting like idiots, not that I'm not guilty of doing the odd idiotic thing myself from time to time, but when people say stupid things, it stresses me out.


The anti-elitist values in America, I think, are very destructive to education.


Most people call my style of dress slovenly, I call it extreme casual.

If I didn't have a mother and a sister for the times I do have to get dressed, I would be absolutely lost.


I love Vancouver. I can be with my family, I can reconnect with the guys. It will always be my home.


If girls were going after me, I would not only admit it, but I would probably exaggerate about the swarming masses. I can flirt and have fun, but at the end of the day, I'm not Tom Cruise. Girls are not falling all over me.


Part of the beauty of a long-format story is that the characters become as much yours as they are mine, and you dream of them in a different way than I do.


Uma Thurman is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

She has those wicked eyes - it looks like there is such a brain behind those eyes.


Nobody criticizes the 'Mighty Ducks' trilogy and gets away with it. Nobody!


I'm of the opinion that life doesn't always tie up neatly at the end of the episode.


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The hardest thing to walk away from, over a long-form TV show, is the comradery of the company, both with the crew and the group of actors.


Being in love also means learning not to say anything until she's had coffee.


I think Uma Thurman is one of God's creatures, one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.