Leadership is about falling in love with the people you serve and the people falling in love with you.

โ€” Joyce Banda

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In 1989, I started the National Association of Business Women.

We incorporated microfinance and different job training for women. We did a survey, with USAID, that found women lacked training, credit and information.


The first time I was privileged to meet president Mandela was during his visit to Malawi... shortly after he was released from prison. I was amazed by his humility and his great sense of leadership... Mandela's character has shaped my life.


It is only when a woman is economically empowered that she can negotiate at household level with her husband about the number of children that body of hers can have.


What I am saying every day to Malawians is that time has come for us to move from aid to trade. We have picked several sectors that we think we can focus on immediately in order for us to grow our economy. So we have decided to diversify agriculture, we decided to develop our tourism sector, we have decided to develop our mining sector.


I sat down in 1989 and I made up my mind at that point that I was going to spend the rest of my life assisting women and youth to gain social and political empowerment through business and education. I convinced myself economic empowerment of women was going to be key, especially in a country like this where most women didn't go to school.


I have chosen to fight against corruption in this country, though I have been advised not to because we are drawing closer to this yearโ€™s Tripartite Elections. I know I am fighting against people who are smarter, wealthier and advanced.


When I took over, the economy had almost collapsed.

I told Malawians we needed to pass through difficult times. Two days ago I even cut my own salary by 30% to show we are making sacrifices.


Overall, I have formed three major organizations: the National Association of Business Women, the Young Women's Leaders Network, and the Joyce Banda Foundation. Under the foundation, we have a huge program that targets women to teach them about HIV and other diseases and to give them economic empowerment.


What I have said to my team is that at a point such as this, with 40% adjustment in our currency, it means that Malawians are paying the price. While that is going on, they need to see, us, the commitment on our part, particularly right at the top. The political will needs to go through this with the people, side by side.


My dear husband, Richard, has been the driving force behind my success and rise to whatever level I am now. My story and legacy is incomplete without his mention.


I got married at 22 and remained in an abusive marriage for 10 years.

I made up my mind that that was never going to happen to me again. I made a brave step to walk out in a society when you didn't walk out of an abusive marriage. It was mental and physical abuse.


My father made sure I was treated equally with my brothers.


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Lula da Silva was my hero when he was president.

I Googled him so many times. The fact that he got 20 million people out of poverty... that happened by encouraging entrepreneurship, by supporting small business.