You must always strive to be the best, but you must never believe that you are.

— Juan Manuel Fangio

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I learned to approach racing like a game of billiards.

If you bash the ball too hard, you get nowhere. As you handle the cue properly, you drive with more finesse.


Driving fast on the track does not scare me.

What scares me is when I drive on the highway I get passed by some idiot who thinks he is Fangio.


You need great passion, because everything you do with great pleasure, you do well.


Never think of your car as a cold machine, but as a hot-blooded horse.


The driver of a racing car is a component.

When I first began, I used to grip the steering wheel firmly, and I changed gear so hard that I damaged my hand.


There are those who keep out of mischief, and there are the adventurers, ‘ he said. “We racing drivers are adventurers; the more difficult something is, the greater the attraction that comes from it.


A crazy man finishes in the cemetery.


When I first came out of Argentina to Europe, the flight took 36 hours.

Now it takes 12 hours, and the world is still shrinking.


Everything has changed. When I was at school and was told I had better learn English, I said: What for? The English are a hell of a long way away!


I told my nephew that if he wanted to get on in motor racing, the first thing he should do was master English. Thank goodness he now speaks it.


When I raced with Mercedes, I thought I'd learn German. But my wife didn't want to live in Germany.


In my day it was 75 percent car and mechanic, 25 percent driver and luck. Today it's 95 percent car.


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Women rule our lives, don't they?


In my time, you needed to speak a little Italian, and that was it.