Cuba is such a beautiful country, and everywhere you go, there's music and people dancing - especially in Havana.

— Julia Sawalha

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I do believe in an afterlife. I try to be at one with people and try to love life as much as I can.


I love to travel with my family or my two best friends because I completely trust them. I forced my two best friends into learning to scuba dive with me in Sri Lanka - it was amazing but also hideous because we were learning in very difficult seas.


I just love doing costume dramas; I am very lucky, as I see myself as a part-time time traveller.


I am always baffled by age, but to be honest with you, I feel like I am about 34. I feel better now and I am certainly healthier than I was in my early 30s. I am more rounded too.


I'd hate to be a sex symbol. Because you're always having to live up to an image. I haven't got time to sit around doing my nails.


I'm into the law of attraction and quantum physics.

Like cosmic ordering. It's all about thinking lovely things that you would like in life, and feeling good about them before they manifest, so that by the time they do, you don't want them because you're on to your next desire.


It's very hard to dramatise something factual and not make it look overdone, but also not to make it look so under-dramatised that it's dull.


After playing Saffy in 'Ab Fab', I needed to take time out from acting to see if I really wanted to do it. I had been doing it for a very long time and I was being sent the same sort of scripts again and again.


I wouldn't miss the fame. I don't go out hunting for it. I try to avoid it and to slip into the background wherever I go.


Being a mum is something that's never bothered me too much.

I have never felt a strong need to have children, but I am not averse to it either.


I think it's healthy to be insecure, to have nerves.


Ever since I can remember feeling love for my parents, I've been frightened of losing them.


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I am extremely content in my life - sometimes to the point where I really should find something to moan about!


I love a bit of glamour - who doesn't? - but I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off.


My dad's so likeable, you wouldn't feel in competition with him.

If any boyfriends have ever felt that, they're long gone.


I'm not much of a baby freak - I like them when they're older.


I'm on a constant path of self-discovery and change.

I'm trying to become a better person, a nicer person. I love therapy - it's brilliant.


I don't get inoculations or take anti-malaria tablets when I go abroad, I take the homeopathic alternative, called 'nosodes', and I'm the only one who never goes down with anything.


Actors think they're far more important than they are, and that can only lead to hurt. People with colossal self-importance have very far to fall.

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