I sell mirrors in the city of the blind.

— Kabir

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All know that the drop merges into the ocean but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.


I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty.

I laugh when I hear that people go on pilgrimage to find God.


The Beloved is inside you and also inside me.

You know the tree is hidden inside the seed. Let your arrogance go. None of us has gone far. Inside love there is more power than we realize.


Music without words means leaving behind the mind.

And leaving behind the mind is meditation. Meditation returns you to the source. And the source of all is sound.


All darkness vanished, when I saw the Lamp within my heart.


I am not a Hindu, Nor a Muslim am II am this body, a playOf five elements a dramaOf the spirit dancing With joy and sorrow.


Lift the veil that obscures the heart, and there you will find what you are looking for.


A diamond was laying in the street covered with dirt.

Many fools passed by. Someone who knew diamonds picked it up.


The man who is kind and who practices righteousness, who remains passive against the affairs of the world, who considers all creatures on earth as his own self, he attains the Immortal Being; the true God is ever with him.


Look at you, you madman! Screaming you are thirsty and dying in a desert, when all around you there is nothing but water!


Now I have no caste, no creed, I am no more what I am!


As the bee collecteth honey with great zest, so the fool collecteth wealth.


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Do not praise yourself not slander others: There are still many days to go and any thing could happen.


Do not go to the garden of flowers! O friend! go not there;

In your body is the garden of flowers. Take your seat on the thousand petals of the lotus, and there gaze on the infinite beauty.


The fish in the water that is thirsty needs serious professional counseling


When the bride is one with her lover, who cares about the wedding party?


The Lord is in me, the Lord is in you,as life is in every seed, put false pride away and seek the Lord within.


If you don't break your ropes while you're alive, do you think ghosts will do it after?


I felt in need of a great pilgrimage, so I sat still for three days and God came to me.


Be strong then, and enter into your own body;

there you have a solid place for your feet. Think about it carefully! Don't go off somewhere else! ...just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm in that which you are.


The flute of the infinite is played without ceasing, and its sound is love.


Wear a crown of flowers on your head, let its roots reach your heart


I don't think there is such a thing as an intelligent mega-rich person.

For who with a fine mind can look out upon this world and hoard what can nourish a thousand souls.


I've burned my own house down, the torch is in my hand.

Now I'll burn down the house of anyone who wants to follow me.


Within the body there is played Music unending, though without stringed instruments That music of the Word pervades the entire creation Who listens to it is freed from all illusion


Just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm in that which you are.


The essence of life is in remembering God.


The external forces conceal from the eyes the deep meaning of existence;

True faith resides in the heart.


My heart is so intoxicated with love that I have no wish to speak.


The apple blossom exists to create fruit; when that comes, the petal falls.


Be strong then, and enter into your own body; there you have a solid place for your feet.


Seeking Why run around sprinkling holy water? There's an ocean inside you, and when you're ready you'll drink.


The instruction of the foolish is a waste of knowledge; soap cannot wash charcoal white.


Take a pitcher full of water and set it down in the water-now it has water inside and water outside. We mustn't give it a name, lest silly people start talking again about the body and the soul.


Admire the diamond that can bear the hits of a hammer.

Many deceptive preachers, when critically examined, turn out to be false.


Do not keep the slanderer away, treat him with affection and honor: Body and soul, he scours all clean, babbling about this and that.


It is the spirit of the quest which helps


Listen to me brother! bring the vision of the Beloved in your heart


God, provide me with enough sustenance that my family is taken care of, that neither I remain hungry, nor does my guest go unfed.


I laugh when I hear the fish in the water is thirsty.


There is no river at all, and no boat, and no boatman.

There is not even a rope to tow the boat, and no one to pull it. There is no earth, no sky, no time, no thing, no shore, no ford!


Men have always looked before and after, and rebelled against the existing order. But for their divine discontent, men would not have been men, and there would have been no progress in human affairs.


Listen to me, my Friend! My beloved Lord is within.


Faith,Waiting in the heart of a seed, Promises a miracle of life which cannot prove at once.


Do you believe there is some place that will make thesoul less thirsty? In that great absence you will find nothing.


Stand firm in that which you are.


Go over and over your beads, paint weird designs on your forehead, wear your hear matted, long, and ostentatious, but when deep inside you there is a loaded gun, how can you have God?


Where are you searching for me, friend? Look! Here am I right within you.

Not in temple, nor in mosque, not in Kaaba nor Kailas, but here right within you am I.


Nada is found within. It is a music without strings which plays in the body. It penetrates the inner and outer and leads you away from illusion.