Karl Donitz was an armed force officer of the German Navy during World War II. He was appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the German Navy in 1943 and held the position until the end of the war in 1945. He is best known for his role in the Battle of the Atlantic, where he developed the U-boat strategy of wolfpack tactics.

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The reason that the American Navy does so well in wartime, is that war is chaos, and the Americans practice chaos on a daily basis.

— Karl Donitz

What can you learn from Karl Donitz (Life Lessons)

  1. Karl Donitz taught the importance of dedication and loyalty to one's country and cause, as well as the value of strategic planning and decisive action.
  2. He also showed the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions, even when faced with difficult circumstances.
  3. Finally, Donitz demonstrated that even in the face of defeat, one can maintain their honor and dignity by accepting responsibility for their actions and showing respect for their enemies.

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I was fascinated by the [operation] of a U-boat .

.. where every single man was an indispensable part of the whole. Every submariner, I am sure, has experienced in his heart [the joy of] the task entrusted to him [and] felt as rich as a king.

Karl Donitz

Only ... from personal experience [can a man] take the necessary measures without a preliminary process of trial and error.

Karl Donitz

I read sometime around 1938 of Jewish fines and some street actions against them. But I was too concerned with U-Boats and the naval problems to be concerned about Jews.

Karl Donitz

The north German does not go in for extremes.

He has broader horizons than the men from the mountains of Bavaria and Austria.

Karl Donitz

Who is Karl Donitz?

Karl Donitz is a Armed force officer
Profession Armed force officer
Born September 16, 1891
Quotes 13 sayings

I accept responsibility for U-boat warfare from 1933 onward, and of the entire navy from 1943 on, but to make me responsible for what happened to Jews in Germany, or Russian soldiers on the east front it is so ridiculous all I can do is laugh.

Karl Donitz

With the new weapons like the atom bomb, Russia would have it, too, and use it first. It is a very difficult world. But that trouble is imminent is obvious.

Karl Donitz

Your American admiral said that he held me in the highest esteem, and thought that I conducted my defense perfectly. He said through his chief of staff that my conduct was beyond reproach and he had the greatest admiration for me.

Karl Donitz

Our losses have reached an intolerable level.

The enemy air force played a decisive role in inflicting these high losses.

Karl Donitz

Naval leadership. quotes by Karl Donitz

Our losses... have reached and intolerable level.

Karl Donitz

I'm an old man at 54, without teeth, and with rheumatism.

Karl Donitz

Certainly inside my heart I know degrees of difference.

But I can't blame any of these men who share a common fate with me. The big folly of this trial is that it lacks the two men who are to blame for anything which is criminal, namely Hitler and Himmler.

Karl Donitz

No attempt of any kind must be made at rescuing members of ships sunk, and this includes picking up persons in the water and putting them in lifeboats, righting capsized lifeboats, and handing over food and water. Rescue runs counter to the most primitive demands of warfare for the destruction of enemy ships and crews. Be hard, remember that the enemy has no regard for women and children when he bombs German cities.

Karl Donitz