You brake and then turn the wheel, step on the clutch, and pull the e-brake. Release the e-brake, go into countersteer mode, then wait. Wait until you know the car is facing the corner exit direction. then you smile and slam on the gas as you exit the corner.

— Keiichi Tsuchiya

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The important thing is to keep trying


The car (FT86) is not only FUN to drive, but in terms of quality and precision of handling, the car has very much surpassed any expectations I had. More easily put, if you had blind folded me and told me this was a new creation by BMW's M department, I would not even hesitate to believe you. It's that good.


Speed isn't everything; you gotta look cool on the touge too.


It is easy to make plans but difficult to carry them out


I'm afraid that if I raced you on the street I'd push you to your death.


I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but it is the most exciting way.


What is power without control?

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