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Color is the language of the poets. It is astonishingly lovely. To speak it is a privilege.

— Keith Crown

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Anything can be any color at any time depending on what color everything else is at the time.

Keith Crown

My problem is to bring together in a painting two seemingly conflicting, impossibly unmixable ideas. One is that the finished work shall evoke a sense of recognition, of the mysteriously familiar... the other is that in order to do the first I must deeply know my subject.

Keith Crown

Seeing is such a privilege. Who notices the way the screech of a gull looks, the look of a gale, the sight of some fragrance?

Keith Crown

A red apple isn't red, nor the lemon yellow. The sky is seldom blue, only when it isn't.

Keith Crown

Who is Keith Crown?

Keith Crown is a American artist
Nationality American
Born May 27, 1918
Quotes 6 sayings

I must react selectively, contrarily, arbitrarily, perversely, and always with intensity directly from the subject.

Keith Crown