Whatever an individual chooses to do with themselves, long as it doesn't affect me and they're respectful with it, I don't care what they do. Because I'm not perfect and I have flaws, so who would I be to be judgmental?

— Kevin Gates

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I've had good times and I've had bad times and I reminisce, maybe when I lay down, but throughout my day I keep myself engulfed in whatever moment I'm in because it could steer me into a depressed state.


I have trust issues with allowing other individuals to know my innermost secrets for fear of how I may be viewed. Everyone has this.


I suffer from depression. Severe cases of it. Not one case of depression, not a severe case, but severe cases of depression. Music is my only outlet, it's therapeutic to me. It's a release. It's how I vent emotionally.


I just always wanted to study human behavior because every psychologist that I would talk to would tell me I was bipolar, and I know I'm not bipolar, so I had to perform a psychoanalysis on myself to find out that I have unresolved grief.


The energy in the daytime is so different because everyone is so unhappy and depressed and you can pick up on that energy psychokinetically. So I like to come out at night. Everything's settled, you can see more.


I've always stood on my own two. I don't need a team. I don't do the entourage thing, 30 people. I don't do that. That's just not me.


It is illegal to steal my feelings and leave


My daily conversation, it consists of hustle. Grinding from the bottom sick and tired of struggle.


When you come up in the slums, having nothin make you humble


Anything lost, can be found again, except for time wasted A vision without action is merely a dream Action, it's the grind, it's the hustle, it's the persistence


Wise men change, fools stay the same.


Everybody round you pretendin that they your partner, let you have a problem they won't even help you out


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I'm a big skeptic so I won't just go off what an individual may tell me.

I gotta do the research. I'ma get different literature on that one subject and just compare and contrast. I do my own selective studies.


Never break or fold, that's what it takes to be major.


Loves a battlefield it's not a one night stand.


I love God, I love everybody else around me as myself, and I love my enemy.


I love to be clean. I wear the same things, all of my clothes pretty much look the same. I'm a plain and simple type of guy. I don't really do a lotta busy colors and things of that nature. I feel like less is more.


If you associate yourself with peer pressure or complacency, you're destined for failure.


You have to be intimate with a person to know that person.


I write a lot of my best music in the car, like late night.

Three, four in the morning. I'm in the passenger seat, I got my driver, my getaway driver. My Bonnie, I'm Clyde. That's when everything is just settled. In the daytime it's chaotic. Everybody just goin' nowhere fast. In a rush to go nowhere.


Breathing is so important with physical activity, then how much more important is it with psychological activity?


My grandmother was an English teacher for a while.

And she stressed to me the importance of reading, being able to articulate well.


Pray to god someone prays for me


I don't gang bang but I'll bang tha thang!


The Notebook ... that’s my favorite one. I’ve read that book 30 times. It gives a true depiction of two people that are in love.


Any artist that's as serious about making music as I am, I'm cool with that.

But if you tellin' me, "Man, send me a verse and I'ma send you a verse." No. That's not collaborating. We don't know each other and I'm serous about this music.


I don't have a religion. I ain't nothing wrong with church as long as they selling chicken. Cause I read the Quran, I read the Kabalah, I read the Bible. They all got the same three basic principles: Love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and...As far as me being, I live by those principles.


Let me hear the music. I'ma let the music instruct me on which way to go. Forwards, backwards, left, right. It's like boxing. I'm only as strong as my opponent.


I love to make music, I love to get tattoos.

..That's just what I love. If I wasn't getting paid I'd still do it.


Do not be afraid to make decisions, do not be afraid to make mistakes.


I put my flaws on front street. So the world accepted my flaws, so I don't have any flaws.


I'm an introvert somewhat. There could be a room full of people, I'll go stand in the corner.


I have trouble with letting go. That's my problem.


I never go into a situation with any type of expectations.


I used to really love Fiend, but he stopped.

He just stopped. Every time he had a project, every project - 'There's One In Every Family,' 'Street Life' - I had to have them. And he just stopped. And that was disappointing, 'cause that was my favorite rapper at one time.


Life is about conduct and how we conduct ourselves. But two wrongs never make a right.


My skin is 24 karat gold when a sun hit it.


When you stand for something, you've got to stand for it all the way, not half way.


I used to live with my grandmother. I used to wonder why the other kids in school went home with their mothers and fathers. I wanted to be the guy that got married. I wanted to be the guy with the children and the white picket fence. I never had that.


When I was 20 or 21, I didn't... I won't say care about anything, but you're like in your own world - you made something that you always wanted to do, and then you kind of think only about your family and yourself.


I can't say any artist inspired me, because I'm inspired by the things that go on around me.


Out my window.. I see everything I dream about and wished I had


Everytime the leaves are changing it's the loneliest time of the year


It's a curse. I ask God to take this away from me all the time. I do not like being an artist.


Glory be and praise to God. I didn't do any of this. God did. I don't have a recipe or a blueprint. I prayed for it, and my prayers are continuing to be answered.


Being in the neighborhood and the poverty stricken environment that I grew up in, I took a detour. I gravitated towards some of the individuals that did a lot of the wrong things with the right intentions.


I like being with my family. That's my party.


I know my voice is very distinctive because in a room of 100 people, my voice is always picked out.


Rap was more of a release for me, a journal.