One canon reduced to writing by God himself, two testaments, three creeds, four general councils, five centuries, and the series of Fathers in that period – the centuries that is, before Constantine, and two after, determine the boundary of our faith.

— Lancelot Andrewes

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Pray we for the Clergy; that they may rightly divide, that they may rightly walk; that while they teach others, themselves may learn.


It is good reason, that man consisting of two parts, the soul and body, the body only should not take up all, but the soul should be remembered too. Enjoying is the body's part, and well-doing is the soul's; your souls are suitors to you to remember them, that is, to remember well-doing, which is the soul's portion.


A cold coming they had of it, at this time of the year;

just the worst time of the year to take a journey, and specially a long journey, in.


Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am weak;

remember, Lord, how short my time is; remember that I am but flesh, a wind that passeth away, and cometh not again. My days are as grass, as a flower of the field; for the wind goeth over me, and I am gone, and my place shall know me no more.


Men use to reason with themselves: It will not always be health, let us lay up for sickness; it will not always be youth, for age; and why not, saith St. Paul, it will not alway be this life, nor alway present life, lay up for yourselves against the life to come.


What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life? Keep the commandments.


There is no part of the whole course of our Saviour Christ's life or death, but it is well worthy our looking on; and from each part in it there goeth virtue to do us good.


The Lord is my strength, my strong rock, my defense, my deliverer, the horn of my salvation, and my refuge. Amen.


Wisdom ruleth in counsel -- so do riches.


I am ever Thine. If Thou cast me out, who shall take me in? If Thou disregard me, who shall look on me? More canst Thou remit, than I commit; more canst Thou spare, than I offend. Let not hurtful pleasures overcome me; at the least let not any perverse habit overwhelm me; From evil and unlawful desires; From vain, hurtful, impure imaginations; from the illusions of evil spirits; from pollutions of soul and of body; Good Lord, deliver me.


For having wealth and wherewithal to "do good", if you do it not, talk not of faith, for you have no faith in you.


HOLY, HOLY, HOLY Thou are worthy, O Lord and our God, the Holy One, to receive the glory and the honour and the power: for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created.


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We know that the body needs bread, therefore we seek for bread for it: so must we seek for the food of the soul.


He who hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none.


Take away, O Lord, the veil of my heart while I read the Scriptures.


Behold, O Lord, that I am indignant with myself, for my senseless, profitless, hurtful, perilous passions; that I loathe myself, for these inordinate, unseemly, deformed, false, shameful, disgraceful passions; that my confusion is daily before me, and the shame of my face hath covered me. Alas! woe, woe! O me, how long?


Gratitude is the praise we offer God: for teachers kind, benefactors never to be forgotten, for all who have advantaged me, by writings, sermons, converse, prayers, examples, for all these and all others which I know, which I know not, open, hidden, remembered, and forgotten.


Ever since our first fathers by infection took this morbum sathanicum, this devilish disease, pride, of the devil, such tinder is our nature, that every little spark sets us on fire; our nature hath grown so light, that every little thing puffeth us up, and sets us aloft in our altitudes presently.


Well yet, this life such as it is, yet we love it, and loath we are to end it;

and if it be in hazard by the law, what running, riding, posting, suing, bribing, and if all will not serve, what breaking prison is there for it!


Two things I recognize, O Lord, in myself: Nature, which Thou hast made; Sin, which I have added.

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