Money is either the best or the worst area of communication in our marriages.

— Larry Burkett

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How we use our money is the clearest outside indicator of what we really believe. ... If someone is a true disciple of Jesus Christ, the evidence will be found in that person's everyday life - including his or her use of money.


The one principle that surrounds everything else is that of stewardship;

that we are the managers of everything that God has given us


When we surrender every area of our lives- including our finances-to God, then we are free to trust Him to meet our needs. But if we would rather hold tightly to those things that we possess, then we find ourselves in bondage to those very things.


The black family unit that had survived 150 years of slavery was decimated in less than 30 years by welfare payments that stopped if the family structure remained intact.


My greatest fear in life is standing before the Lord and hearing Him say, ‘I had so much more for you, but you held on too tightly.’


Get-rich-quick thinking leads to three basic errors: (1) Getting involved with things you cannot understand; (2) Risking funds you cannot afford to lose, that is, borrowed funds; and (3) Making hasty decisions. Each of these actions violates one or more biblical principles... Together they constitute a sin called greed.


Perhaps nothing in our society is more needed for those in positions of authority than accountability. Too often those with authority are able (and willing) to surround themselves with people who support their decisions without question.


It is amazing to me that we allow so many people with so little proven character to set our national policy on issues that will ultimately be paid for by the rest of us.


...most entrepreneurial types are free-wheelers who like to do a variety of things and do not enjoy routine tasks. But a smart entrepreneur will eventually learn that while ideas start businesses, organization makes them successful.


Always be ready to give a good testimony for the Lord, but remember that the best testimony a Christian can have is a love for others and good work habits.


Perhaps nothing in our society is more needed for those in positions of authority than accountability.


The measure of true giving is to share with someone who has no platform from which to speak and may never benefit us in any way. After all, isn't that what true love is all about?


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The average Christian pays more in interest than he gives to the Lord's work.

In a church of 100 families 37 will give nothing.


The unwillingness to be accountable to a spouse makes most men, and now women, vulnerable to sin in their lives.


... there is one primary purpose of a Christian's business: to serve God.


Over commitment in business is usually due to a lack of faith, which results in fear - specifically, the fear of failure. But if we really believe God is in control, then we also should believe He's able to make us successful while we are keeping our lives in balance.


Few Christians understand the concept of eternal rewards, even thought the Lord dedicated a great deal of His precious time on earth to teaching about them. The one certainty is that our position in the Lord's kingdom will be inversely proportional to how we indulge ourselves in this lifetime.


I drive a car till it turns to dust, then I sweep up the dust and ride on the dust.


What does impress both the unsaved and saved alike are those rare individuals who have learned to control their lifestyles and use the abundance they have to help others and spread God's Word. ... Let me propose a radical idea from God's Word: Determine God's best for your life, and be satisfied with it, even if it means moving down in lifestyle.


If you'll do now what other people won't, you'll do later what other people can't.


The cheapest car anyone can ever own is always the car they presently own.


You cannot be spiritually free and financially bound.


...when I prayed to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior, I had made that promise...: 'If You'll make Your will for my clear, I'll do it no matter what!'


The more we listen to God's voice, the easier it is to recognize when He speaks to us.


A wise man seeks much counsel...a fool listens to all of it.


Satan's number one weapon is pride. God's number one defense is humility.


Decide that you're going to love the people around you, even those you don't particularly like - or perhaps especially those you don't like.


When you don't know what the answer is, you know *Who* the answer is.


Trusting God is the answer. He will never let you down.


In business, organization is an absolute necessity, not an alternative.

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