Religion is about creation, and for that reason religion should be about the earth.

— Laurie Cabot

The most colorful Laurie Cabot quotes that will activate your inner potential

Despite what our modern society would have you believe, the Witch within you is not dangerous, but protective. She is not frivolous, but exceedingly accurate and trustworthy.


A Witch's work is mind work and utilizes powerful metaphors, allegories, and images that unlock the powers of the mind.


Knowing how to wield psychic power leads to real solutions.

Your feminine nature is strong, not weak. Your psychic gifts are your tools and landmarks that will allow you to take charge and further your own goals.


Women have innate talents and exceptional abilities that go unnoticed by our society, and that women themselves often do not fully appreciate. If every woman were to listen closely enough to her own secret song- not simply with ears, but with eyes (all three!), loins, breasts, heart, spirit, and soul- she would discover a power that she has carried with her since before the beginning of time.


Treasured Pagan Deities were misrepresented and distorted by the Christians for political and religious gain. Dressing their own Satan, who has remained one of the most opressive symbols of evil in our time, in the horned antlers of Cernunnos, a revered Celtic God, was one of the more recognizable ways Christians robbed Pagans of their way of life.