Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.

— Le Corbusier

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Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.


Light creates ambience and feel of a place, as well as the expression of a structure.


The materials of city planning are: sky, space, trees, steel and cement;

in that order and that hierarchy.


I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.


Chairs are architecture, sofas are bourgeois.


A house is a machine for living in.


Life never stops. The torment of men will be eternal, unless the function of creating and acting and changing, living intensely through each day, be considered an eternal joy.


To create architecture is to put in order. Put what in order? Function and objects.


The city of Chandigarh is planned to human scale.

It puts us in touch with the infinite cosmos and nature. It provides us with places and buildings for all human activities by which the citizens can live a full and harmonious life. Here the radiance of nature and heart are within our reach.


The home should be the treasure chest of living.


Genius is personal, decided by fate, but it expresses itself by means of system.

There is no work of art without system.


Belgrade is the ugliest city in the world in the most beautiful place in the world.


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The truthfulness of materials of constructions, concrete, bricks and stone, shall be maintained in all buildings constructed or to be constructed. The seed of Chandigarh is well sown. It is for the citizens to see that the tree flourishes.


Our own epoch is determining, day by day, its own style.

Our eyes, unhappily, are unable yet to discern it.


It is a question of building which is at the root of the social unrest of today: architecture or revolution.


Vehement silhouettes of Manhattan - that vertical city with unimaginable diamonds.


A hundred times have I thought New York is a catastrophe and 50 times: It is a beautiful catastrophe.


The object of this edict is to enlighten the present and future citizens of Chandigarh about the basic concepts of planning of the city so that they become its guardians and save it from whims of individuals.


The city that has speed has success.


When does a building actually become a built?


Modern life demands, and is waiting for, a new kind of plan, both for the house and the city.


You know, it is life that is right and the architect who is wrong.


You don't start a revolution by fighting the state but by presenting the solutions.


We must kill the street. We shall truly enter into modern town planning only after we have accepted this preliminary determination.


Architecture is the masterly, correct, and magnificent play of masses brought together in light. Our eyes are made to see forms in light: light and shade reveal these forms.


My research is like my feeling directed towards what is the principal value in the life, the poetry.


Architects everywhere have recognized the need of .

.. a tool which may be put in the hands of creators of form, with the simple aim ... of making the bad difficult and the good easy.


The "styles" are a lie.


Our world, like a charnel-house, is strewn with the detritus of dead epochs.


By law, all buildings should be white.


The mathematical phenomenon always develops out of simple arithmetic, so useful in everyday life, out of numbers, those weapons of the gods: the gods are there, behind the wall, at play with numbers.


The present moment is creative, creating with an unheard-of intensity.


The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.


Considerable sacrifices were demanded of the inhabitants of the machine in order that purely abstract formal development... might be carried as far as possible.


Vehicular traffic is completely forbidden in the green strips, where tranquility shall reign and the curse of noise shall not penetrate.


To be modern is not a fashion, it is a state.

It is necessary to understand history, and he who understands history knows how to find continuity between that which was, that which is, and that which will be.


The purpose of construction is TO MAKE THINGS HOLD TOGETHER; of architecture TO MOVE US.


Cameras get in the way of seeing.


You employ stone, wood and concrete, and with these materials you build houses and palaces. That is construction. Ingenuity is at work. But suddenly you touch my heart, you do me good, I am happy and I say: This is beautiful. That is Architecture. Art enters in.