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  1. If we are to keep democracy, there must be a commandment: Thou shalt not ration justice.

  2. It lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it. While it lies there, it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.

  3. The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right.

  4. Life is made up of a series of judgments on insufficient data, and if we waited to run down all our doubts, it would flow past us.

  5. Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.

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  6. A self-made man may prefer a self-made name.

  7. In the end it is worse to suppress dissent than to run the risk of heresy.

  8. The mid-day sun is too much for most eyes; one is dazzled even with its reflection. Be careful that too broad and high an aim does not paralyze your effort and clog your springs of action.

  9. We may win when we lose, if we have done what we can; for by so doing we have made real at least some part of that finished product in whose fabrication we are most concerned: ourselves.

  10. I shall ask no more than that you agree with Dean Inge that even though counting heads is not an ideal way to govern, at least it is better than breaking them.

  11. No doubt one may quote history to support any cause, as the devil quotes scripture.

  12. Thou shalt not ration justice.

  13. What to an outsider will be no more than the vigorous presentation of a conviction, to an employee may be the manifestation of a determination which it is not safe to thwart.

  14. Life is made up of constant calls to action, and we seldom have time for more than hastily contrived answers.

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  15. Right knows no boundaries, and justice no frontiers; the brotherhood of man is not a domestic institution.

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