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We need a president who will lead with a stronger, more consistent foreign policy. We also need our commander in chief to put more faith in military leadership who have all of the combat experience. It’s bad policy to try to micromanage too much operationally and tactically from a desk in the Oval Office.

— Lee Zeldin

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I believe the connection is growing stronger.

Just to think that 40-plus years ago, service members would return from combat to get spit on by so many civilians. Regardless of what we think about a conflict, we must always honor and be grateful for those men and women who serve.

Lee Zeldin

Defeating ISIS. If we do not defeat them abroad, we will be facing more and more of a threat at home. This does not require an occupation or an enduring ground operation.

Lee Zeldin

We could tell Americans everything is okay and nothing is going to happen.

The fact is, there is a very real threat.

Lee Zeldin

Despite [] promises, I am concerned that there has been no discernible progress in the case. Equally concerning is the fact that Goran Radosavljevic, the commander of the facility where the Bytyqi's were murdered, remains a close advisor to the current government.... I call upon the Serbian government to also aspire to new heights in its own processing of war crimes from the 1990's and to finally ensure justice in the Bytyqi case.

Lee Zeldin

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Lee Zeldin is a American politician
Nationality American
Profession United States Congressman
Born January 30, 1980
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