Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.

— Leonardo DiCaprio

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My dad's probably one of the kindest people in the world.

When I was younger that's not how I was- I was a little spoiled brat.


If you can do what you do best and be happy, you're further along in life than most people.

Leonardo DiCaprio quote Only you and you alone can change your s

Only you and you alone can change your situation. Don't blame it on anything or anyone.


I prefer ordinary girls - you know, college students, waitresses, that sort of thing. Most of the girls I go out with are just good friends. Just because I go out to the cinema with a girl, it doesn't mean we are dating.


When I was young I used to have this thing where I wanted to see everything I used to think 'How can I die without seeing every inch of this world?'


The first kiss I had was the most disgusting thing in my life.

The girl injected about a pound of saliva into my mouth, and when I walked away I had to spit it all out.


Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever.


My career should adapt to me. Fame is like a VIP pass wherever you want to go.


Love at first sight? I absolutely believe in it! You've got to keep the faith.

Who doesn't like the idea that you could see someone tomorrow and she could be the love of your life? It's very romantic.


I'm just starting to scratch the surface of what really makes me happy and it's taken me a while to admit that acting like a little child and being a jerk and a punk is fun.


To believe in love, to be ready to give up anything for it, to be willing to risk your life for it, is the ultimate tragedy.


People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat.

They want you miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes; what they want is to see you fall.


Sometimes I wonder will God ever forgive us for what we've done to each other? Then I look around and I realize God left this place a long time ago.


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I like doing things that scare me. I went bungee jumping, but sky diving is just the sickest thing.


Dark green is my favorite color. It's the color of nature and the color of money and the color of moss!


A single idea from the human mind can build cities.

An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.


Global warming is not only the number one environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing all of humanity... We all have to do our part to raise awareness about global warming and the problems we as a people face in promoting a sustainable environmental future for our planet.


Brothers don't necessarily have to say anything to each other - they can sit in a room and be together and just be completely comfortable with each other.


School, I never truly got the knack of. I could never focus on things I didn't want to learn.


I'm shy, but when the time comes to be wild, I'm fun-loving, adventurous, and mysterious.


Being dubbed as a hunk sort of annoys me. It gives me a yucky feeling.


I like to be able to play a character and act out a lot of things which I can't or don't do in my normal everyday life.


It's a weird feeling when people are defining you, and you haven't even defined yourself.


Honored delegates, leaders of the world, I pretend for a living.


Mozambique is having an economic resurgence but still four out of 10 people there have HIV or AIDS...There's astounding conditions but what I was left with...was the power of the human spirit there and the fact these people have been through so much and they were still dancing in the streets


A man's legacy is determined by how the story ends.


I get a friend to travel with me... I need somebody to bring me back to who I am. It's hard to be alone.


I've managed to keep a clear head and remain sane in this business because I remain a kid off-camera.


As we progress into the twenty-first century, anyone who considers themselves a realist will have to make the environment a top priority.


The things that you did with parents, whether it was spending every Sunday morning with your dad and eating French toast and watching Popeye, or decorating the Christmas tree with our mother - these are memories that help you be happy.


You have to enjoy life in the process.

It may sound corny, but it's true. At the end of the day, we can't always achieve everything that we dream of but you do have to enjoy life in the process.


Dreams feel real while we're in them.

It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.


I couldn't deal with playing a character who rides motorcycles and has a leather jacket and is a tough kid, y'know?


I've always been spontaneous and outgoing.

.. I've tried lots of things so I've got some good life experiences, which is great 'cause it means I've got lots of material to work with as an actor.


[Success] always starts with the material;

it always starts with the truth and honesty of the characters that you read in the screenplay and that's rarely something that can be remedied if it's simply not there by the time you shoot the film. Thank God we had that.


You see, I think negative emotions are always trumped by positive emotions.


It was closer to manual labor than shooting a film.

I always think of something Michael Caton-Jones told me: 'Pain is temporary. Film is forever.'


My mother is a walking miracle.


Marty [Scorsese] knows that when an improvised moment comes out of a real situation, it's gonna have more life and more going on than anything you can imagine and that's how the character can become the story


I've been planted here to be a vessel for acting.

.. That's why I'm really taking any part, regardless of how complicated it's going to be.


It's a tough thing-you get in a situation where you feel you have to be perfect all the time and it sucks.


Right now, our mother -- our mother -- all of our mothers, Mother Earth is hurting. And she needs a generation of thoughtful, caring and active kids like all of you to protect her for the future. You can help us win the battle to clean up our air, our water, our land, to protect our forests, our oceans and our wildlife.


Acting is the only time when I truly maintain the spontaneity that I want to be present at all times.


Obviously, we suppress things, emotions, things during the day - thoughts that we obviously haven't thought through enough, and in that state of sleep when our subconscious, or mind just sort of randomly fires off different surreal story structures, and when we wake up we should pay attention to these things.


I'm never really conscious of saying, "I'm going to take on a specific role to combat a certain image in the public eye." I think that's pretty manipulative and transparent to the public anyway.


I insist on keeping a level head. I've maintained the same exact home life that I’ve had for 20 years. All I see is more people looking at me than before. But, you know, who cares? You just can't obsess yourself with this fame stuff.


I want to be a jerk like the rest of my friends, and have fun, and not care about the consequences, but I just can't now.


I'm not a big dreamer. I never have been. I remember fragments of my dream, and I try to take a traditional sort of approach to researching this project and doing preparation for it.


I have no problem playing anyone who has different politics than me.

In fact, I don't take that into consideration at all. You have to find something sympathetic in a man. It's that common ground you need to connect with someone.


I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it.

You don't know what hand your gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count.