I've got a Championship game to play and I'm excited about the opportunity of my damn strong football team to play in it.

— Les Miles

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I'm busy. Thank you very much. Have a great day.


I'm the head coach at LSU. I will be the head coach at LSU. I have no interest in talking to anybody else. I got a championship game to play, and I'm excited for the opportunity of my damn strong football team to play in it. Please ask me after. I'm busy. Thank you very much. Have a great day!


I can tell you there is no finer stadium to play in.

The traditions that they place in that stadium like when they announce that it's Saturday night in Death Valley, when the band plays, when that crowd stands and cheers for the Tigers, there is no place like it in America.


We ask these players to do some very difficult things, for the team, the coaching staff, the school - at risk of injury. And when they do those things, I feel as if I'm in their debt. It's an honor to coach those guys. I want to be of service to them.


Louisiana has a heritage of great players that play their high school football within the boundaries of Louisiana.


I just want to remind everybody that it's Columbus Day.

That all those of you that know Italians and like Italians are the people that might venture on to a ship and travel to explore and find new lands, this is your day. It's not St. Patty's Day. That's a different day entirely.


I am disappointed, but I am realistic too.

When you put your defense back on the field repeatedly, the offense needs to do its job and the defense needs to get itself off the field.


There was a contact between a football player and a cheerleader, male I might add. That male cheerleader clipped me from the side as I was running full speed, or slower than full speed, but generally, in the upper quadrant of speed. And I hit the ground pretty good.


My brother was a year younger than I am and he was never in the home with me hardly at all, ... My mom had to take him to every school there possibly was to get him some education. He ended up first in Columbus, Ohio, for grade school, then went to a high school for the deaf and Galludet in Washington.


This is what you should do, let it rest.

I'm playing football for LSU. I'm preparing for R-Kansas. I'm preparing for the next game, and the next game after that.


He seems faster too me. He could get seven to 10 yards in a pretty comfortable fashion. I went up to our defense and said `Hey guys, that guy is pretty fast.'


You just witnessed something I've never seen in my entire life.

They just called that team (Tennessee) the winner. They said whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, (whistles) come back here. Then they called us the winner. I'm a tell you right now as an experience, dammit, I'm going to enjoy that one as much as I hate to admit it.


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It never rains in Tiger Stadium.


We're undefeated in regulation.


I have a little tradition that humbles me as a man that lets me know I'm a part of the field and a part of the game, and it's the very bottom as well as the very top. Yeah, it's going to be all over the internet. You know what? You should've seen some games before this. I'll tell you one thing, the grass at Tiger Stadium tastes best.


Ted, damned if I'm not impressed with your candor!


I think we are trying to improve for next week.

Period. I do not think anybody is thinking about anything else.


I think the good news is that our team understands the positon they're in.

If they want to win a division or a conference, they're going to have to fix their mistakes.


What happened there was they were moving the chains and we had the call made.

We were really trying to get two plays if we could have rather than use the timeout thereafter.


It was a play of opportunity. It's certainly something that he can do. He has the wherewithal to do that. It's a concern when we are backed into our own endzone. The reality is I want him to take that advantage. It's like leaving a net untended and you're supposed to pass, but damn you got to take a shot. Certainly represented what we wanted to happen.


You hope you can fix it with the personnel that you have.

On offense, we are doing some great things, but we did not execute. This group of men that I represent likes to work hard.


Congratulations to the Auburn team and coach Malzahn.

The piece for us was that we took some first and ten's and could not get a third down conversion. We kept putting the defense on the field. We tackled, we played hard, but offensively we did not execute. We are a work in progress. Certainly a group of men that are committed to fixing things. But frankly we did not get it done today.


I do not know what to think of it. We are working hard and improving and we just need to execute better.


Jamie Keehn, our second Australian punter.

Again, you have to learn the language. You just can't speak to those guys. You have to know how to speak Australian. ... Australians have a higher voice. When you just speak regular English, it doesn't quite get across. Of course, we've had experience with our Australians, so we're pretty comfortable with adjusting our dialect so that it fits the ability to communicate.


The team is never about the single player.

It's not about the injury that keeps a star out of a certain game, and it's not about the coach. It's about the strength, and the abilities of the sum.


My point to you is, there is no such thing as a flop that takes the field for our football team. Just so ya know, I'm proud of those men. How ****ing easy would it have been to say it's their night. Excuse my language. Spectacular group of men. You got to find them, you throw your arms around them and give them a big kiss on the mouth, if you're a girl.


I think there are some things that we got accomplished in the last two weeks.

Our defending was good and our offensive line took some strides, but we will look at it and analyze it so it will be a long day tomorrow.


I'd be the first one to tell you that I would like to think that I had called timeout before that. I can't imagine that I did not. I can't tell you that I did, and that's my issue.


Ryan Baker sustained a penalty of play, and we withheld him from play today based on the rules violation.


We threw passes enough that we were prime to catch them and get up to speed.

I think we will be fine there.


When I wake up in the morning and I turn that film on, it's like reading a book and it's exciting. I don't read books, but if I read books it would be like reading a book.


I'maa tell you right now as an experience, dammit, I'm going to enjoy that one as much as I hate to admit it.


I do not think the crowd affected us, but the position of being in a big time game may well have affected us.


I think all of our guys work hard and want to improve.

They want answers, and the film will be the answer. The coaches will collect it and get better. I do not think anybody wants a rebuilding year. That's not something that I have ever said.


They're great kids, great young people, and they fight like hell.


Yeah, we call that mulling around. Okay guys, come on now. What we're going to do early in this game is mull around, okay? And later, we're going call that monkey-off-our-back play.


I follow Coach Spurrier because he seems to have an entertaining way of communicating.