We post photos of the Halloween costumes and the mustaches made of cupcake frosting. We don't record the tantrums?and that's as it should be. But we shouldn't mistake that for reality. It's stagecraft.

— Libby Copeland

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There may never be a baby book that offers the conclusive answer to every question, but it's possible to extract some wisdom from the suffering of past generations of parents. Does the book you're reading contradict itself repeatedly, require you to override all your parental instincts, or send you into a panic over your own inadequacy? If so, burn it.


There is a divide in our culture between people who want to see evidence of a politiсian's knowledge and worldliness, and people for whom "git 'er done" actions, as you put it, provide tangible proof of the ability to lead. I don't know how developed that idea is.