The candid camera is the greatest liar in the photographic family.... It is anarchic, naïve, and superficial.

— Lincoln Kirstein

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Transplanting the ballet to the United States is like trying to raise a palm tree in Dakota.


In liberal democracy and anxious anarchy, the traditional classic dance, compact of aristocratic authority and absolute freedom in a necessity of order, has never been so promising as an independent expression as it is today.


The domain of the ballet dancer is not earth but air.


She was chronologically in luck. She corresponded to necessity.


Dance design is not simply one element;

it is that without which ballet cannot exist. As aria is to opera, words to poetry, color to painting, so sequence in steps - their syntax, idiom, vocabulary - are the stuff of stage dancing.


If one had to define one essential gift with which a dancer needs to be endowed, there might be a rush of answers. A beautiful body, grace of line, graciousness of spirit, joy in the work, ability to please, unswerving integrity, relentless ambition towards some abstract perfection. Certainly all these factors determine a dancer's character, and every element exists in some combination within the performing artist's presence.


Harvard was a kind of luxurious afternoon.