A failure isn't a failure if it prepares you for success tomorrow.

β€” Lolo Jones

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Greatness finds us by obstacles in front of us.

I don’t look at hurdles as obstacles blocking my path but opportunities to overcome.


There's always a point where you get knocked down.

But I draw on what I've learned on the track: If you work hard, things will work out.


I'm inspired by failure. The process of defeat – picking yourself back up again is the hardest thing in the world.


Sometimes bad things are going to happen in your life, and those things can make you stronger if you just learn how to get over them.


A businessman needs a laptop. Athletes need massages and the right diet.


Harder than training for the Olympics, harder than graduating from college, has been to stay a virgin before marriage.


Stepping on that line for me, it will be about facing my fears.


The Olympics are only once every four years so you have to take advantage of all your opportunities, both to be an inspiration to people and help support your sponsors who help you.


It took Dan Jansen, the speed skater, four Olympics to win a medal-a gold one at that!-but he never gave up. I won't, either.


As a young girl, I just wanted to have fun and compete.

There were no goals of becoming an Olympic athlete. I wanted to hang out with my friends. I wanted to do something fun, and that's what I did


Success is always an easier motivator, because you want more of it.

But I've also been motivated by failure. Had I medaled in London, I don't think I would be one of the few that have gone to a Summer and Winter. I would have been content with that medal. Instead, I used that failure to go to the Winter Olympics. I always tell people that failure can be one of your biggest motivators if you just have an attitude adjustment about it.


I never have prayed to win a gold medal at Olympics and never will.

The Lord is my Shepard and I shall not want. May His will be done.


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Running was like the friend that never left. It was just always there.


Believe it or not, Twitter calms me down. I enjoy interacting with people.


Deep squats work so many muscles in your body.

Once a week, I do three sets of six, or eight of the free-bar ones, which can help out your balance and work more muscles than doing them on the machine.