The independent girl is a person before whose wrath only the most rash dare stand, and, they, it must be confessed, with much fear and trembling.

— Lou Henry Hoover

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That we have the vote means nothing. That we use it in the right way means everything.


I majored in geology in college but have majored in Herbert Hoover ever since.


The independent girl is truly of quite modern origin, and usually is a most bewitching little piece of humanity.


... the more you know about life, the more you get out of it.


I believe that there is a future in anything that one is vitally interested in.


I was a Scout years ago, before the movement started, when my father took me fishing, camping and hunting. Then I was sorry that more girls could not have what I had. When I learned of the movement, I thought, here is what I always wanted other girls to have.