If I were a food, I'd be a Chili because you know.. I'm hot.

— Louis Tomlinson

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I secretly want to be a zebra. That is why I always wear stripes.


Always be nice to people. Whatever how bad they are to you. To show them you are not like them.


Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain.


You know what it would just be amazing to be remembered, you know like a mum telling a daughter ‘the boyband of my time, One Direction, they just had fun and they’re just normal guys but terrible, terrible dancers.’


Even if there's a tiny tiny chance, isn't that worth going for it?


If you want to do something, Go for it you've got nothing to loose.


Live fast, have fun, be a bit mischievous.


Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he's a fungi!


If a guy is taking his girl for granted, he really deserves a slap, with a baseball bat.


Fans always tell me I'm beautiful, but no one will ever be as beautiful as them


One time, Niall sat on the floor for hours trying to find a way of putting his M&M's in alphabetical order.


We're not perfect, we're not clean cut. We're just trying to be ourselves.


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I like someone who doesn't take life too seriously. I hate people who are a bit uptight.


As long as we’ve got somewhere to sleep, a bowl of cereal, and a coloring book we’ll be fine.


It's important for me to treat a girlfriend with respect.

My mum would be horrified if I behaved any differently - and I have sisters, and would hate for them to be treated badly by guys.


You can't go to sleep without a cup of tea and maybe thats the reason that you talk in your sleep.


If you wanna go somewhere, you can do; nothing is stopping you.


When I'm at home alone, I run up the stairs naked. It's quite funny.


I'd like to make a shout out...SHOUT OUT!


The Story of My Life is drinking cups of tea, eating coco pops and playing Playstation.


I like kisses that aren't too fast or rushed - that's what makes a good kiss.


Swag mastah from Doncastah!


Oh it's the bingo playing wizard I love you guys so much, but not as much as my bird and my bingo!


In week one of the X Factor, just to be a little bit quirky, I decided to say that I like girls who eat carrots. Ever since I've had lots and lots and lots of carrots.


I quite like American music, like The Fray - I'm a massive fan of them - and The Killers. I also like more acoustic stuff like Ed Sheeran; I like this English songwriter James Morrison and another singer called Ben Howard.


I can't really cook, but the first dish I ever made was for my girlfriend, Eleanor. I made chicken breast wrapped in ham, homemade mashed potatoes, and gravy.


I once woke up at a random guy's house and i didn't actually know who he was.


Woah! Calm down, Curly!


I wan’t a girl who is fun and loves adventure.


And as for you, stop having curly hair!


What i do in my personal time is about me.

if other people dont agree, then it doesn't matter 'cos it's my opinion and that's what counts at the end of the day.


It's incredible to have people show their support when your doing something you love.


I've been told throughout my career that I have good instincts, and the idea of discovery and development in terms of a new artist is so exciting to me. Being only 25 and in a position where I might be able to grant opportunities is really cool.


I want to see the Doncaster Rovers supporters get the club the success it deserves.


I think in general, doing The X-Factor with the Steve Aoki song was the most difficult time, but also weirdly the most rewarding as well. I definitely felt like I couldn't do it, and then I definitely felt the support from everyone around me, the friends and family but also the fans and people outside of that.


When I was growing up we didn't have a massive house and there were five women running around, so my dad and I had to stick together!


I would go back to the past and watch one of the early Beatles shows, because they were such a massive part of cultural history. As a younger person, you feel you missed out on that.


In my first video diary I explained my love for women who have a taste in carrots. Since then, I have received plenty of carrots. Now I also have a keen interest in women who like Lamborghinis.


I'm not great with money. I'd go crazy if I were left to my own devices. My mum and girlfriend sort it out. I'm not driven by it, but I love to be generous.


I'm Louis the Tommo Tomlinson!


I'm normally last and I'm quite a late person and that is just who I am.


I will confess I am a great wingman. Since I have a girlfriend, I'll start the night with her, but then I'll help out the guys by making them sound like the most incredible guys in the world.


A frustration that I've had recently is that a lot of songs that I listen to draw on scenarios that aren't very realistic, so I just wanted to do something that was more down to earth. And I think my fans, who already know a lot about me, will learn something new.


I'm a very loyal boyfriend. I'm a bit of a joker I can be romantic, but not too sickly.


Sometimes I think I'm not normal, and I get weirder and weirder everyday.


No,' Jimmy protested.


I like girls who eat carrots.


To be honest, I don't think I'm the best role model in the world. I'm pretty immature sometimes.


I'm constantly learning as a songwriter, so naturally that makes you grow as an artist. But I also think the more time I spend in music the more time I feel I understand it; or at least I understand where I stand amongst the industry and my identity within it all.