Never shall I forget the time I spent with you. Please continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.

— Ludwig van Beethoven

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The vibrations on the air are the breath of God speaking to man's soul.

Music is the language of God. We musicians are as close to God as man can be. We hear his voice, we read his lips, we give birth to the children of God, who sing his praise. That's what musicians are.


I wish you music to help with the burdens of life ,and to help you release your happiness to others.


Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.

Ludwig van Beethoven quote Music is a higher revelation than all wi

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.


To play without passion is inexcusable!


Life would be flat without music. It is the background to all I do. It speaks to the heart in its own special way like nothing else.


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Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears form the eyes of woman.


Then let us all do what is right, strive with all our might toward the unattainable, develop as fully as we can the gifts God has given us, and never stop learning


What I have in my heart and soul - must find a way out. That's the reason for music.


Nothing is more intolerable than to have to admit to yourself your own errors.


Hide your secret even from the closest friend; learn to be silent.


Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.


Do you think I give a damn about your and your pathetic violin?


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Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.


Music can change the world.


What you are, you are by accident of birth;

what I am, I am by myself. There are and will be a thousand princes; there is only one Beethoven.


From the glow of enthusiasm I let the melody escape.

I pursue it. Breathless I catch up with it. It flies again, it disappears, it plunges into a chaos of diverse emotions. I catch it again, I seize it, I embrace it with delight... I multiply it by modulations, and at last I triumph in the first theme. There is the whole symphony.


Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess?


Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.


Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken.


Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.


Love demands all, and has a right to all.


Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.


If I contemplate myself as part of the Universe: what am I?


Don't only practise your art, but force your way into its secrets.


My misfortune is doubly painful to me because it will result in my being misunderstood. For me there can be no recreation in the company of others, no intelligent conversation, no exchange of information with peers; only the most pressing needs can make me venture into society. I am obliged to live like an outcast.


How glad I am to be able to roam in the wood and thicket, among trees and flowers and rocks ... in the country, every tree seems to speak to me, saying, "Holy! Holy", in the woods, there is enchantment which expresses all things.


No friend have I. I must live by myself alone; but I know well that God is nearer to me than others in my art, so I will walk fearlessly with Him.


I have never thought of writing for reputation and honor.

What I have in my heart must come out; that is the reason why I compose.


I will seize fate by the throat; it shall certainly never wholly overcome me.


Recommend virtue to your children; it alone, not money, can make them happy. I speak from experience.


No one should drive a hard bargain with an artist.


I would rather write 10,000 notes than a single letter of the alphabet.


Love, and love alone, is capable of giving thee a happier life.


Beethoven can write music, thank God, but he can do nothing else on earth.


In whatsoever manner it be, let me turn to God and become fruitful in good works. Nothing higher exists than to approach God more than other people and from that to extend His glory among humanity.I will place all my confidence in your eternal goodness, O God! My soul shall rejoice in Thee, immutable Being. Be my rock, my light, forever my trust.


Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

Although the spirit be not master of that which it creates through music, yet it is blessed in this creation, which, like every creation of art, is mightier than the artist.


I know of no more sacred duty than to rear and educate a child.


This is the mark of a really admirable man: steadfastness in the face of trouble.


Music is the electric soil in which the spirit thinks, lives and invents.

All that's electrical stimulates the mind to flowing surging musical creation. I am electrical by nature.


But what a humiliation for me when someone standing next to me heard a flute in the distance and I heard nothing, or someone standing next to me heard a shepherd singing and again I heard nothing. Such incidents drove me almost to despair; a little more of that and I would have ended my life - it was only my art that held me back.


In the country It seems as if every tree Said to me 'Holy! Holy!' Who can ever express The ecstasy of the woods! Almighty One, In the woods I am blessed. Happy every one in the woods. Every tree speaks through Thee. O God! What glory in the woodland.


Anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart, and cannot make a good soup.


A great poet is the most precious jewel of a nation.


ever thine, ever mine, ever ours


The foundation of friendship demands the greatest likeness of human souls and hearts.


All my life I have regarded myself as one of Mozart's greatest admirers, and I will remain one until my last breath.


Oh you men who think or say that I am malevolent, stubborn, or misanthropic, how greatly do you wrong me. You do not know the secret cause which makes me seem that way to you. Oh how harshly was I flung back by the doubly sad experience of my bad hearing.


such incidents brought me to the verge of despair, but little more and I would have put an end to my life - only art it was that withheld me, - ah, it seemed impossible to leave the world until I had produced all that I had felt called upon to produce.


The Music is the only corporeal introduction to the superior world of Knowledge.