Tonight, no matter what you're going through... backtrack and remember all the places where God has been so faithful before in your life. And know. Know with assurance. And boldness. And confidence. He is the same faithful God.

— Lysa TerKeurst

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Remember, the Devil loves to make us focus on the little that's wrong so we miss the big picture of all that's right.


You have the exact qualities God knew your kids would need in a mother.

Each day, hold up your willingness and ask God to make you the best version of you that you can possibly be.


No matter your age, stage of life, or circumstances, don't forget to dare to dream with God. You don't have to figure anything out. Just keep saying yes to Him, in big ways and small, and watch what He does.


Dear Lord, forgive me for all of the times I've compared myself to others.

I know that You have hand-picked all of my qualities. Help me to see these things as beautiful reminders of Your great love in creating me as Your daughter. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


God is mighty. God is caring. God is worthy of praise. God is loving. God is able. God is in control. Nothing takes God by surprise. Some sweet reminders to soak in before falling asleep tonight.


You've never gone too far that God can't redeem you, restore you, forgive you, and give you a second chance.


Today, let's be determined to see blessings in the midst of things that seem like burdens.


Sometimes it's the words we choose not to say that speak most loudly about our character.


Refusing to gossip is a beautiful decision to make.

It not only creates richer friendships but, more importantly, it makes our relationship with the Lord more authentic and believable. We honor God when we honor each other.


Scars are beautiful when we see them as glorious reminders that we courageously survived.


When to give grace? I'd rather stand before God knowing I loved others too much rather than regretting that I judged too harshly.


We live in a broken world full of broken people.

But isn’t it comforting to know God isn’t ever broken? He isn’t ever caught off guard, taken by surprise, or shocked by what happens next.


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Don't let the hurt of today blind you to the hope of tomorrow.

Disappointment ushers in a new appointment.


Having faith doesn't mean I have all the answers.

It means trusting God especially in the midst of uncertainty.


Remember who you are. Don't compromise for anyone, for any reason. You are a child of the Almighty God. Live that truth.


Great love isn't two people finding the perfect match in one another.

Great love is two people making the choice to be a match.


I know deep hurt. But I also know deep hope. Sometimes God's power is shown as much in preventing things as it is in making them happen. We may never know why. But we can always know and trust the Who.


This morning, you have a choice. You can lay in the dark replaying the awful events of the week, or you can turn the light on and read God's Word-His truth-which is the best thing to do when lies are swarming and painful thoughts are attacking like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes.


Sometimes we need the salt of tears to remind us how to savor the sweetness of life.


Big things are built one brick at a time.

Victories are achieved one choice at a time. A life well lived is chosen one day at a time.


Satan has no power over us except what we allow.

Moment by moment, decision by decision, step by step - will we operate in God's all powerful Truth or allow Satan to entangle us in his lies?


Feelings are indicators, not dictators.

They can indicate where your heart is in the moment, but that doesn't mean they have the right to dictate your behavior and boss you around. You are more than the sum total of your feelings and perfectly capable of that little gift . . . called self-control.


Whatever has you afraid, angry, intimidated or frustrated tonight - take it to our all-powerful and all-capable God. He has the answer.


Being uncertain and scared and riddled with doubt some days isn't a sign of bad things to come. It's actually quite the opposite. After all, if great things weren't on the horizon, I don't think the enemy would be so bent on attacking us.


Wise women tuck Godly wisdom into the words they speak and even more into the words they choose not to speak.


At the end of the day, honoring God leads to good things.

Anything else leads to confusion, emotional exhaustion and a lack of good things.


Remember: even the smallest drop of God's strength is more than enough to cover our frailties, our shortcomings, and the places where we deem ourselves weak.


Most of us spend years chasing things in this world that we think will make us feel loved. But everything this world has to offer is temporary. Everything. The kind of love our souls crave is lasting, eternal. And only God can fill up our hearts with that kind of love.


Trying to fix another person will only add to my anxiety.

Letting Jesus work on me is where real progress can happen.


Regardless of where you are tonight, God is with you.

God is wooing you. God wants you to experience Him. Whatever you are going through today, you can find His joy and peace. However distant your dreams may seem, God is working things out, and today is an important part of that process.


Remember, conflict doesn’t always mean we have to fight against something and tear it apart.... Conflict can also mean we’re fighting for something to make it even better and stronger than it’s ever been.


Toxic thoughts leave no room for truth to flourish.

And in the absence of truth, lies reign. Spend some time soaking in your favorite verses from Scripture tonight. The more we read God's truths and let truth fill our minds, the less time we'll spend contemplating untruths and toxic thoughts.


God never intended for us to rely on others for our sense of well being.

Only He is equipped to provide that.


We need to make peace with who we are so insecurities don't become a distraction to how we live. Just because I sometimes feel insecure doesn't mean I have to be insecure.


A woman who is careful with her words is a gift to all who know her.


I have discovered a few things that help me when God seems silent.

.. - Press in to God when you want to pull away. - Praise God out loud when you want to get lost in complaints. - Put yourself in the company of truth (reading Scriptures and surrounding yourself with positive, Godly people.)


I'm an encourager at heart. I love to give words of encouragement and I love to receive words of encouragement. That's probably why words of discouragement affect me so deeply.


The secret to healthy conflict resolution isn't taking a 'you against me' stance. The secret is realizing it's 'us against Satan.' He's the real enemy.


It is a rare and beautiful thing when we choose to offer love in situations when most people would choose to scorn or ignore.


Jesus, I don't want to be a secret keeper with my faith.

I want to be a bold and gracious truth proclaimer. For You. With You. Because of You. Me, the unwanted girl whom You loved, redeemed and wanted.


Not reaching back for what was lost in my yesterdays.

And not reaching for what I hope will be in my tomorrow. But living fully with what is right in front of me. And truly seeing the gift of this moment.


Today, let's set our minds and hearts on feeling more thankful for what we are than guilty for what we're not. Let's cut the threads of guilt with grace.


God will always do great things with people who are willing to be faithful in the small things.


Spending some time getting quiet can really be the best remedy for tangled situations. Taking a step back from all the emotion, frustration, and exhaustion to sit quietly with Jesus will do more to untangle a mess than anything else I've ever found.


No person, possession, profession, or position ever fills the cup of a wounded, empty heart. It's an emptiness only God can fill.


Don't put the whole of your identity into the smallness of a situation.


Truth is the only healthy place from which to speak.

Assumption is the birthplace of godless chatter.


I was made for more than being stuck in a vicious cycle of defeat.

I am not made to be a victim of my poor choices. I was made to be a victorious child of God.


Getting healthy isn't just about losing weight.

It's not limited to adjusting our diet and hoping for good physical results. It's about recalibrating our souls so that we want to change - spiritually, physically, and mentally. And the battle really is in all three areas.