When we use the word domestic [terrorism], we discount its actual impact as political terrorism, which is, of course, political violence meant to impact an audience outside of the immediate victims.

— Malcolm Wrightson Nance

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We have this unfortunate habit in the United States of dividing terrorism into different categories. External, foreign terrorism, which manifests itself overseas or in the United States, or domestic terrorism.


You can`t differentiate between an Islamic terrorist and a Christian terrorist.

Or a politically motivated terrorist who`s anti-abortion or someone who may have differing views.


ISIS rules Muslim apostates every day and then beheads them.

Poorly educated guys get Islam for Dummies, petty criminals who think they're suddenly changing their lives because they see the light. The best way to fight them is to show them they don't know Islam at all, and that they are in fact working for the other side.


Arson is the single most fundamental form of terrorism.It`s the simplest terrorist tactic.


There is no difference between an ISIS gunman and an American gunman that goes into a mosque, or the gunman Baruch Goldstein who went into the mosque in Bethlehem and killed 29 guys about fifteen years ago. Goldstein took his service weapon and tried to kill everybody in the mosque. He shot over a hundred people. There's no monopoly on terrorism. Terrorism experts know this and we live according to that.


Now you have Donald Trump ready to execute policy on the basis that the Muslims are the problem, not ISIS. Oh Jesus, it's a circular firing squad.


Trump will not resign. But the allegations that are arrayed right now! The corruption is in our face. He changed his trust, supposed to have been a blind trust, which it was not, he changed it so that he could withdraw profits personally at any time from facilities that are being paid by the United States. It's corrupt.


There's only two classes of people: terrorists and non-terrorists.

Terrorists come in every flavour: there are Buddhist terrorists right now killing Rohingya in Burma! Buddhists! They're not allowed to kill bugs.


Most ISIS members are irreconcilable.

Once they've bitten that bug, that cultish bug, they would prefer to die. They're going to be given the opportunity, no one's going to get out alive from Iraq and Syria now. They make sure everyone's a suicide bomber now.


There`s actually some fluidity here in the United States.

Using local intelligence against [terrorism].But you still have to infiltrate these groups. You still have to collect intelligence as you see fit. And they are organized. They are very well organized in the anti-abortion movement. Ideologically, they`re almost the same. And that`s where we see these spurts of violence.


Trump doesn't understand the counterintelligence process.

Take, for example, Carter Page. He's been appearing on television and acting as though the U.S. intelligence community monitoring his activities in Russia and suspicions that he may have been in league with Russian intelligence is an affront.


ISIS is going to devolve from physical political emirate, into what Al Qaeda was, which is a covert organization which will go completely underground. But to communicate and to keep propagating their propaganda, after everyone is dead, all their fanboys and whatever surviving leadership that has been operating outside the war or operates in Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan, they will form what we call a "ghost caliphate."


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Trump wants to be an autocrat, he does want to be a Vladimir Putin-style ruler.

His chief strategic advisor, Steve Bannon, is a follower of Alexander Dugin. Dugin believes liberal democracy should be destroyed and it should be destroyed from the right, and an alliance of autocracy should form between the United States, Europe and Russia, in order to confront Islam.


Law enforcement does counter political extremism here in the United States in the exact same way that they do political extremists who are infiltrated into the United States, who may come from a religious motivation, as we saw overseas in Europe. But the same methodologies have to be used.


The ghost caliphate will be a virtual organization;

it'll be decentralised, with no leadership, and it will just encourage people to keep acting now that the caliphate's gone, that individuals should go do self-starting jihad. Get a gun, get an improvised weapon, take your car, and carry out the jihad.