Raw garlic and a skin of the lemon - not only do they give you a beautiful face and skin but they also protect you from disease.

— Manto Tshabalala-Msimang

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I think garlic is absolutely critical.

Lemon is absolutely critical to boost the immune system. Olive oil is absolutely critical ... just one teaspoon, it will last the whole month.


We (the ANC government) have no plans to introduce the wholesale administration of these drugs in the public sector. ARVs are not a cure for Aids.


AZT was never meant to treat HIV. It was meant to treat cancer and, when it was discovered to be toxic, the drug companies stopped clinic trials of the drug because it was so toxic. Is this drug really one we want to use?


I can't stop working. The health of the nation depends on it.


The fact is that some of the mice [tested on with AZT] have contracted cancer.

It attacks bone marrow. It is very toxic.


I don't know how many [South Africans] with HIV would want to take anti-retrovirals.


Beetroot, garlic, lemon ... and buy a bottle of olive oil. All these things are very critical.


Today I want to dispel this myth, because it is absolutely not true .

[ that ARV's work ] The pharmaceutical industry and those who have a vested interest in the drug industry fuels this propaganda.


South Africa is the only country in the world who gives AZT to health workers for needle-stick injuries. It's very doubtful that we're doing the right thing.


I think the TAC was just a disgrace, a disgrace not only to the [health] department but a disgrace to the whole country. But I think, as South Africa, we really demonstrated that we are doing pretty well.


There is not substantial data that AZT stops the transmission of HIV from mother to child. There is too much conflicting data to make concrete policy.

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