People pretend not to like grapes when the vines are too high for them to reach

— Marguerite de Navarre

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Some there are who are much more ashamed of confessing a sin than of committing it.


Never shall a man attain to the perfect love of God who has not loved to perfection some creature in this world.


I never knew a mocker who was not mocked, a deceiver who was not deceived, or a proud man who was not humbled.


When one has one good day in the year, one is not wholly unfortunate.


Man is wise ... when he recognizes no greater enemy than himself.


Though jealousy be produced by love, as ashes are by fire, yet jealousy extinguishes love as ashes smother the flame.


Spite will make a woman do more than love.


Blessed ... is he who has it in his power to do evil, yet does it not.


God always helps madmen, lovers, and drunkards.


I have heard much of these languishing lovers, but I never yet saw one of them die for love.