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  1. There is always strength in numbers. The more individuals or organizations that you can rally to your cause, the better.
  2. If an abduction is reported, it is dealt with in the same way as a kidnap.
  3. As Bill Clinton said so eloquently at the convention, during Vietnam there was a chance to serve; there was a chance not to serve.
  4. The problem with smear campaigns is that too often they work.
  5. You've got people who didn't serve with John Kerry saying they did serve with John Kerry in the boat. With George Bush, we can't find anybody who did serve with him.
  6. John Kerry's biography was central to his campaign.
  7. The economy of the United States gross domestic product doubled from 1996 to 2015, doubled, more than, $8.8 trillion to $17.1 trillion. And the median household income went down.
  8. Everybody who served in John Kerry's boat under his command save one has stood with him.
  9. John McCain was victimized in the South Carolina primary.
  10. If I were John Bolton, I'd take great consolation in the words of my principal supporter on the committee, who gave a ringing endorsement, which was, There is no evidence that he has broken any laws.

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  • Donadld Trump loves loyalty.
  • Human trafficking is a human tragedy. It's an outrage against any decent people.
  • Donald Trump is to traditional values what I am to marathon running.
  • He who speaks the truth must keep one foot in the stirrup.
  • The tough thing about a campaign being over is, you lose your enemy.
  • There's nothing wrong with being organized.Things that change history tend to be organized.
  • I think Hillary Clinton - first of all, it's a great victory, acknowledge it. She has made history.
  • Immigrants have been the sustenance and the survival and the treasure of America.
  • When you think of pristine preservation of America, you immediately think of Tulsa and Oklahoma.
  • Something really serious has shifted in the minds of Republicans and certainly others.

Mark Shields Quotes On Leadership

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America's exceptionalism, American leadership, the American model, the American values are not [first with Donald Trump] - they're something that end at the border. — Mark Shields

My church [Catholisism] is hurting from arrogance and from its indifference to the suffering of children that were abused and the inclination of the leadership to protect the institution, rather than the children. — Mark Shields

White working-class voters or working-class voters have felt abandoned, have felt, in many senses, disparaged by the political leadership of America. — Mark Shields

Mark Shields Quotes On Education

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American education will be determined by the quality of American public education, and that's public schools that are available. — Mark Shields

I do look upon the secretary of education's primary responsibility as the quality of education that - and improving the education that every child in American public schools receives. — Mark Shields

I think Democrats ought to be concerned, that the party has become almost prideful about the college-educated vote that it's getting, the support that Hillary Clinton is getting against Donald Trump. — Mark Shields

Every measurement of where you have more public confidence in creating jobs, American prosperity, controlling crime, health care, providing education, all of these standards, Bill Clinton has considerably higher marks... The sole exception is on protecting taxes, which is initially his attack. — Mark Shields

Mark Shields Quotes On Legislator

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When the size of the group supporting your cause reaches a critical mass, any legislator or elected official has to pay attention. — Mark Shields

I think any advocate who is effective has fully acquainted himself or herself with the legislator they are going to meet. Know what committees they are on, what issues they are interested in, all in an effort to build a bridge for communicating with them. — Mark Shields

The important thing to understand about legislators is that there are dozens of competing interests and issues that occupy them. They are stretched thin. — Mark Shields

Mark Shields Quotes On Strength

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The White House, as Warren Harding said, and I think accurately, is an alchemist. We find out the strengths, the weaknesses and the smarts and the dumbs of whoever those occupants are under the pressure of the presidency. — Mark Shields

There is always strength in numbers — Mark Shields

The strength of Donald Trump as a candidate - and I'm not in any way defending moral convictions or anything of the sort - was that he says what he means, you know where he stands. — Mark Shields

The Democratic Party is a coalition. Its strength and its weakness is, it's a coalition of interest groups, caucuses. It's a lot less homogeneous than the Republican Party, where people tend to believe the same things and oftentimes look alike. — Mark Shields

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In the 2004 presidential election, we saw a wonderful example of citizens making contributions. In fact, individual giving to both the Kerry and Bush campaigns was the highest in our nation's history. — Mark Shields

This is America, where a white Catholic male Republican judge was murdered on his way to greet a Democratic Jewish woman member of Congress, who was his friend. Her life was saved initially by a 20-year old Mexican-American gay college student, and eventually by a Korean-American combat surgeon, all eulogized by our African American President. — Mark Shields

Tim Kaine reminds me of - Peter Hart.Tim Kaine is a good neighbor. He's kind of the dependable, you know, friendly, helpful. And, you know, he would be over there. He would give you a hand if there were a problem at the house. — Mark Shields

When you have got military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, they're intended for one purpose. And that is to inflict as much damage on human beings in as short as time as possible. — Mark Shields

The advantage that hospitals have over other institutions is that hospitals are community-based. You can't outsource your work; you can't move your emergency department to Pakistan. — Mark Shields

Dan Coats, retiring senator from Indiana, a mild-mannered man, a former United States ambassador to Germany, former congressman, said of Ted Cruz he's the most self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar I have ever seen.And he said, you can quote me on that. — Mark Shields

I believe devoutly that the national election is the closest thing we have to a civic sacrament of democracy. And I really do think that heed must be paid, and when people make a decision, those who are on the other side, including me, accept it, for that reason. — Mark Shields

People in the White House work hard, whatever administration. They get rewarded in psychic income, a sense that they are involved in something bigger than themselves, that it's important. — Mark Shields

When you run for president of the United States, everybody does the same thing in the campaign-they talk about veterans, how much they admire them, how grateful they are. — Mark Shields

Being a party chair, you really have a chance to make a difference. but what the Democrats have to do is recognize and accept the fact that they're at their lowest point [in 2017] since 1928 in the United States House of Representatives and their lowest point since 1925 in states. — Mark Shields

George Bush says what John Kerry did was noble. Yet he sees him being savaged by his own supporters. — Mark Shields

I think it's fair to say that Donald Trump was born without the embarrassment gene or the moral reservation gene. — Mark Shields

Benjamin Netanyahu is no Winston Churchill. Whatever else he, is he's not a Winston Churchill. He basically violated the great rule, which is it's better to mislead the people and to lose an election than to mislead the people and win an election. — Mark Shields

At a time when the public is sour on politicians, have no use for them, Bill Clinton has risen to a different level. Bill Clinton is endlessly interesting. — Mark Shields

The corporations who invest in lobbyists, it pays in terms of tax loopholes, tax subsidies, all the rest. It pays. Clearly, the money has a big effect. — Mark Shields

If you only make fights that you're going to win, there would be no women's vote in America, there would be no civil rights laws in the country. — Mark Shields

America is Republican until 5:00 or 6:00 at night. — Mark Shields

Mitt Romney was the man who stood up to Donald Trump early, hard, never wavered. — Mark Shields

Donald Trump is not an unintelligent man. — Mark Shields

I think part of Donald Trump's appeal is that he's a guy that does cut corners, that he's the guy that does get deals and maybe does break a speed limit. I think there was sort of a roguish, rascally, but I get things done even if I break the rules. — Mark Shields

I'm not sure Betsy DeVos has ever spent a day in a public school. And I don't - I'm pretty sure Donald Trump hasn't. — Mark Shields

Democrats can have a different version of the line, or they can just say, no, we are the party of international peace and activism, and we're the party that's going to have a civilized capitalism. — Mark Shields

We had the clip of [Donald] Trump saying: I'm not president of the globe. I'm president of the United States.[Ronald] Reagan would have never said that. [Dwight] Eisenhower would have never said that, because he would have said, yes, I'm president of the United States, but it's in our interests to be securing a world order. — Mark Shields

[Donald] Trump is instructive.For Trump, it was that the global economy and the international world order were failing regular people. — Mark Shields

Critics of Donald Trump take him literally, but not seriously. His supporters take him seriously, but not literally. — Mark Shields

90 percent of American schoolchildren are in public schools. And the emphasis on private schools and charter schools and parochial schools is not unimportant. — Mark Shields

I have my disagreements with President Obama, but President Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration, not only he himself, but the people around him. He's chosen people who have been pretty scandal-free. — Mark Shields

You really have one bite at the apple. — Mark Shields

[Dwight Eisenhower was ] a citizen of the world. — Mark Shields

The president has to have the trust, earn the trust, maintain the trust of people in order to lead. And there's nothing that will lose it quicker than a sense that he's in it for a quick buck. — Mark Shields

You have to understand that Republicans are on lockstep on one issue. They will not raise taxes. Democrats are in lockstep on another issue, pro-choice in all cases on abortion. — Mark Shields

Stronger together is, I think, a preposition and a comparative adjective, but it's not really an action verb or what it is. — Mark Shields

They're still a subject beholden to special interests, but at least they have a national constituency. At least they have to think about national majorities. — Mark Shields

Politics, they all - talked to the insiders. — Mark Shields

That's the job of a free press is to hold the lamp up, to investigate, to hold accountable. And denying access, as Sean Spicer did , is the first step toward a dictatorship. — Mark Shields

You can't have someone with a pinkie out there at the U.N. or any other place. — Mark Shields

Clinton's major problem, and the two aren't separable really because there is hope in the country, the hope - - optimism has slipped dramatically, make no mistake about every measurement shows that. But the hope is still there. Hope is with him. People want change. They see him as the best chance for change. — Mark Shields

Drones are sort of the perfect weapon for a country that doesn't want to go to war. It only - there's no fingerprint. There's no direct involvement. There's human beings killed on the other end. You never see them. You don't have to worry about them. You don't have to meet their widows. It's sort of an antiseptic warfare. — Mark Shields

Character is destiny and character is important to American campaigns. — Mark Shields

I think the Republican Party is cursed. And it's cursed itself. — Mark Shields

[Donald] Trump, he - you know, buy American, buy American, anti-free trade, and got big cheers. They're waving Russian flags, probably partly as a joke. But, still, the party has become an ethnic nationalist party. — Mark Shields

It doesn't have to be the same line that we have had for the last 40 years, because that clearly isn't working on any level. But you have got to have a pretty clear line on this crucial issue. — Mark Shields

The Democrats have tried the war against women in the past. It didn't really have that much traction. — Mark Shields

I don't hear any clear, coherent message [from Democrats]. I mean, when you're a party out of power, it's the time to be a national party chair. — Mark Shields

You want a leader, Western leader, English-speaking? Mitt Romney. — Mark Shields

It's fine to be an activist, but you're not - if you're not putting up candidates, if you're not getting political, if you're not in your party, then you're probably not going to have long-term change. You will probably dissipate. — Mark Shields

I think Donald Trump is obviously the more colorful, the more flamboyant, the more dominant personality. — Mark Shields

I thought what Steve Bannon said was probably more chilling or more threatening than anything the president [Donald Trump]says, I mean, because he said, it's a constant day. We have to defeat the press. — Mark Shields

I think she [Hillary Clinton] would be far superior to President [Barack] Obama, who is basically remote, aloof and not involved with - he doesn't deal with members of Congress. — Mark Shields

I think Guantanamo, has been synonymous with the staining of American values and American legal tradition. — Mark Shields

There is a cleavage and a divide in America like I have never seen before. — Mark Shields

It's not fair that a Palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own, living their entire lives in the presence of a foreign army that controls the movements of the parents every single day. — Mark Shields

There is no tougher job in America than being a cop on the beat in a major city in this country, big and brawling. — Mark Shields

I think an increasing number of Republicans are perplexed and actually nervous about Donald Trump and Russia, nervous in the sense that he is gratuitously giving Democrats the national security advantage, that they're standing up for the country. — Mark Shields

The reality is that the Republicans twice had Mitt Romney as a potential nominee. They chose him in 2008 - 2012. In 2008 and 2012, he had been the most get tough on illegal immigrants, on undocumented immigrants, illegals, as he called them, accused John McCain of wanting to give them Social Security checks, accused Mike Huckabee selling out to them with the DREAM Act in Arkansas, was really the most strident. — Mark Shields

The people who are rising, they're super ambitious. They have relationships with people above them. They have relationships, hierarchical, sort of people below them. A lot of people do not have relationships horizontally. And there's a lot of people who reach high political offices, but who are weirdly lonely, weirdly lacking in intimacy skills. — Mark Shields

I mean, this is a group [Republicans], don't forget, that gave its presidential straw ballot to Ron Paul, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul and Rand Paul. So, they have abandoned what - their libertarian values and instincts to embrace [Donald] Trump. — Mark Shields

Donald Trump is an independent presidential candidate who ran on the Republican label. He really did. He took it over. He transformed it into his image, in his likeness. — Mark Shields

Franklin Roosevelt ran on a balanced budget in 1932, and the greatest president, certainly, of the 20th century. So the idea that you lay out a predicate right now, Donald Trump has recreated the Republican Party in his image. — Mark Shields

I'm sure little Marco [Rubio] didn't think it would stick. I'm sure crooked Hillary [Clinton] didn't think it would stick. These labels do have a certain power to them. And so we will see how it plays out. — Mark Shields

The person you're choosing is going to be 90 feet down the hall for four years. That's a pretty intimate and close relationship, and it better be somebody you're comfortable with, you like, you trust, you look forward to seeing, not someone you're coming up with creative ideas on how to avoid. — Mark Shields

Tim Kaine didn't come across authentic. It wasn't good. And it was - it just really - I think, for short-term benefit, I think the Democrats tarnished the brand, which is an awfully good brand. — Mark Shields

We have weakened the parties and strengthened all the special interests. — Mark Shields

The charter school is a possibility, an alternative in certain circumstances, but not in most, and not in most places, and not - most parents don't have either the time, the inclination or the aptitude to sit and go through sifting what school and what is available and what the options are. — Mark Shields

The problem is that what Donald Trump said, if you take it literally now, is cause for anxiety and nervousness. — Mark Shields

The argument of those who are being criticized at any time, the civil rights movement forward, the anti-war movement forward, is, it's always outside agitators doing it. — Mark Shields

I personally believe that [Donald Trump] is wrong on the condition of America. — Mark Shields

By a 2-1 margin, voters believe that Donald Trump would change business as usual in Washington, but by almost as large a margin, they believe that Hillary Clinton would be better in a crisis and less of a decisive margin she cares about people like them. — Mark Shields

Politics is a contact sport - a question of accepting an elbow or two. — Mark Shields

[Hillary Clinton] showed, while in the Senate, that ability to connect and reach across and to forge alliances. I think she will be better [than Barack Obama]. But I think the problem with connecting emotionally with the people remains at large is - in a wholesale way. — Mark Shields

[In politics] when A goes after B and there's a C, and D and a Q all lined up there, you have no idea who's going to be the beneficiary. — Mark Shields

To me, the fundamental thing - well, I guess I see a lot of people debating in the wrong way. A lot of the debate is, should we go to the coasts, should we go to the center, should we go to the left, should we go to the right? — Mark Shields

I think that the people that are publicly on Hillary Clinton's short list all are very congenial people. They're not people with personality or Captain Queeg problems. — Mark Shields

Barack Obama did get a higher percentage of the vote than anybody has in this country in 20 years. I mean, it was a resounding victory. I mean, whether his core constituency was 20 percent or what, his electoral constituency, which is how we measure elections, was 53 percent, which was, you know, historically high, the highest of any Democrat, other than Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. — Mark Shields

Franklin Roosevelt had a pretty clear line. Ronald Reagan had a pretty clear line, people who rescue parties. — Mark Shields

The Sheldon Adelsons, the Koch brothers, the George Soroses, what we want to try to do is force them into the parties, not so that Kasich or whoever is going to straight to them and trying to kiss up to special interests, but so the parties have the power and they can direct the money. — Mark Shields

The organizing principle of the United States defensive foreign policy had been opposition to the Soviet Union. There is no more Soviet Union. — Mark Shields

Gone is any mention of American exceptionalism. I happen to believe that twice, three times in the 20th century, the United States saved Western democracy, both World War - both World Wars and the Cold War. — Mark Shields

Since the election, since the formation of a government, the death in Iraq has increased. The United States stands by, helpless to do anything about it. That's the reality, not George Bush's revisionist history! — Mark Shields

When the party holds the White House, all the political decisions are made in the White House. And being a party chair, you're just an artifact. — Mark Shields

The Democrats are now an upscale party. — Mark Shields

Hillary Clinton should get a bounce out of her convention, I mean a bounce in the polls. I think it's probably conceded that Donald Trump got about a three-point bounce out of his conventions. He's closed the gap that much. — Mark Shields

I think that "Arabs coming out in droves" is so violative Jewish values that non-Jews admire so much about Jewish people throughout history, of welcoming the stranger, of standing up for the outsider, of defending the marginalized. This was classic us against them. This was the narrowest and meanest of politics, to which Jews, sadly and tragically, around the world have been subjected to. — Mark Shields

All about midterm elections is turnouts. And turnout is measured by enthusiasm, intensity, how interested are people. And President Obama - candidate Obama had it on his side in 2008. The Democrats had it on their side in 2006. The enthusiasm, the intensity, the passion was all on their side. — Mark Shields

As long as Republicans won't - won't raise taxes and as long as Democrats won't in any way make entitlements based on need, rather than just across the board, I really think that we're doomed to this deadlock. — Mark Shields

The studies that show the reason Washington real estate is booming and there are so many lobbyists in town, it does pay. — Mark Shields

The Republicans have, with some pride - George W. Bush won the White House by promising to restore dignity to the Oval Office. And they were or presented themselves as the family - the party of family values. — Mark Shields

The Republicans, they are in the danger of rooting for the country to fail. They look bad that way, I mean, and I want to say to them, cheer up, Republicans. Eventually, things will get worse. — Mark Shields

Life Lessons by Mark Shields

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  1. Mark Shields taught us the importance of speaking truth to power and advocating for the voiceless. He also showed us that it is possible to engage in civil discourse and have meaningful conversations with those with whom we disagree. Finally, he demonstrated the power of the written word and how it can be used to create positive change in the world.

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