When I was growing up, I would listen to a different album almost every night. I would do the full album experience before I went to bed and that's how I would discover a lot of music. I would kind of go into another world with my headphones on.

— Mark Stoermer

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I think music is a very personal thing and it doesn't necessarily have to be experienced one way or another, but the album experience is a completely different thing than the single experience.


I was always an album guy, not a greatest hits kind of guy, not so much a radio guy. I'm not saying one is better than the other but... It was like reading a novel but shorter than that. You go into a world for an hour and you absorb yourself into it rather than just passively listening and flipping through this and that.


I wasn't ready to write my own songs when I was in my early 20s.

I'm still growing but I definitely grew because of my experiences on the road and in the studio.


I might be a completely different kind of songwriter but I definitely think there are some things... I've taken pieces from different people that I've met and worked with along the way from the Killers experience, within the band and without.


I think everything you do in your life affects you creatively.

Especially in music, if you do another thing musical.


I was lucky enough to just play music as a living and not have a nine-to-five job. I didn't have to pay the bills so I was able to experiment.

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