To be your best today, your only goal is to outperform the guy you were yesterday.

— Martyn Rooney

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That's the classic nature of people, though.

We'll skip the basics and get pissed when the sexy stuff doesn't work.


Where you are in life is exactly where you are supposed to be as a result of the things you have done up until that moment in time. To do anything else but accept your current situation would be crazy. The real thing to do is decide where you want to go, use both consistency and patience to get there and enjoy the ride. It is, after all, the path you have chosen in life.


The goal of all your hard work should be to make your reality everyone else's fantasy land.


Obstacles aren't there to stop you. They are put there to show you how powerful you can feel when you run right over them.


The essence of training is the experience of training and what you learn about yourself through it. Training is about the process. You will get there and there is one simple thing to do it. Consistency.