Mary Frances Berry is an American historian and civil rights activist. She is a professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania and was formerly the chairperson of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. She is the author of several books on civil rights and social justice, including My Face is Black Is True: Callie House and the Struggle for Ex-Slave Reparations.

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The adoring crowds and overwhelming Democratic support in the 2008 election was based largely on joy at jettisoning Bush and the appeal of electing a superbly qualified charismatic African American leader.

— Mary Frances Berry

What can you learn from Mary Frances Berry (Life Lessons)

  1. Mary Frances Berry is a reminder that no matter the odds, it is possible to fight for justice and equality. She has demonstrated that with courage and determination, it is possible to make a difference in the world.
  2. Her work has shown that it is important to be persistent and to never give up in the face of adversity. She has also shown that it is possible to make a positive impact on society, even when faced with opposition.
  3. Berry's work has also highlighted the importance of having a strong moral compass and being willing to stand up for what is right, no matter the cost. She is an inspiration to those who strive for justice and equality.

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If Rosa Parks had taken a poll before she sat down in the bus in Montgomery, she'd still be standing.

Mary Frances Berry

Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.

Mary Frances Berry

Civil Rights opened the windows. When you open the windows, it does not mean that everybody will get through. We must create our own opportunities.

Mary Frances Berry

When you have police officers who abuse citizens, you erode public confidence in law enforcement. That makes the job of good police officers unsafe.

Mary Frances Berry

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Mary Frances Berry is a American Writer
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Born October 16
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The time when you need to do something is when no one else is willing to do it, when people are saying it can't be done.

Mary Frances Berry

When it comes to the cause of justice, I take no prisoners and I don't believe in compromise.

Mary Frances Berry

Defining child care primarily as women's sphere reinforces the devaluing of women and prevents their equal access to power.

Mary Frances Berry

We need to insist on fathers and mothers sharing the care of their offspring as well as the opportunity to enjoy the fulfillment of individual rights.

Mary Frances Berry

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advocating women's rights and greater opportunity for women in the workplace and in every avenue of public life is inconsistent with an insistence on mother taking care of children and housework.

Mary Frances Berry

Analysis can tell us what is required, but it cannot make us act.

Mary Frances Berry