Yes, I believe in school choice. Parents know far better than government bureaucrats what their children need from an education standpoint, and they should be permitted to make that choice.

— Matt Salmon

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I found the source of global warming is coming from the hot air coming out of Washington.


Despite the repeated attacks on American citizens by illegal aliens released from our jails, DHS refuses to stop freeing violent criminals who are in our country illegally.


I was listening to the guy that represented me in the state Senate, and I just got really frustrated. I called my wife and said, Ive always wanted to do something that makes a difference. So I ended up running and won.


I think a lot of people start out full of idealism and fresh ideas.

And then a lot of times, being re-elected becomes more important than staying true to your principles.


When you give the government an inch, they take a mile.


Sadly, far too many politicians in Washington lack the courage to do something to fix our problems. They are worried about the political implications of making the hard choices we so desperately need to cut spending and shrink government.


Why would I be willing to challenge my Republican leadership? Because my allegiance will always be to the Constitution and the American people first and foremost, not to my political party.


Any bailout of a private company is a bad decision by our federal government.

Private companies have the right to succeed, but they also should have the right to fail.


Eternal life should be sought elsewhere, perhaps in the religious community, not politics.

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