We're just a metal band. Whenever people ask me what kind of music we play, I always say metal.

— Mattew Nicholls

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In America, we met this guy who'd been in the army.

He'd been over in the Iraq war. He said that our CD helped him get through a hard time in the Iraq war. It's amazing to know that we helped him in some way. It's definitely cool.


Nowadays, it's a lot more in the kids hands.

You don't really need a record label. You can get the money together yourselves. You can just do it through Myspace. There are bands that are huge, without record labels today. Now, I think it's a lot more, in kids hands.


Don't do what we did. Make sure it's right and make sure it's what you wanna do. Make sure it's actually a good deal, that you're not going to lose out too much on it.


We went to see 'Twilight' all together actually and we can't believe how bad it was.


We've got the best kind of parents for us, in this situation.

My parents are super supportive of me and really into our band. They get just as excited as we do, about stuff that we do. So, it's pretty cool.

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