If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.

โ€” Meister Eckhart

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It is in the darkness that one finds the light.


Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.


Above all else, know this: Be prepared at all times for the gifts of God and be ready always for new ones. For God is a thousand times more ready to give than we are to receive

Meister Eckhart quote If the only prayer you said was

If the only prayer you said was "Thank you", that would be enough.


Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language.


If you love yourself, you love everybody else as you do yourself.

As long as you love another person less than you love yourself, you will not really succeed in loving yourself but if you love all alike, including yourself, you will love them as one person and that person is both God and man.


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The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me;

my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.

Meister Eckhart quote If the only prayer you said was 'Thank y

If the only prayer you said was 'Thank you', that would be enough.


The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.


And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.


Become aware of what is in you. Announce it, pronounce it, produce it, and give birth to it.


The very best and highest attainment in this life is to remain still and let God act and speak in you.


What does God do all day long? He gives birth.

From the beginning of eternity, God lies on a maternity bed giving birth to all. God is creating this whole universe full and entire in this present moment.


If we seek God for our own good and profit, we are not seeking God.


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God is not found in the soul by adding anything but by a process of subtraction.


He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.


Apprehend God in all things, for God is in all things.

Every single creature is full of God and is a book about God. Every creature is a word of God.


People should not worry so much about what they do but rather about what they are.


Time is what keeps the light from reaching us.

There is no greater obstacle to God than time: and not only time but temporalities, not only temporal things but temporal affections, not only temporal affections but the very taint and smell of time.


The soul does not grow by addition but by subtraction.


You will have peace to the extent that you have God, and the further you are away from God the less you will be at peace... Thus you may measure your progress with God by measuring your peace or the lack of it.


God expects but one thing of you, and that is that you should come out of yourself in so far as you are a created being made and let God be God in you.


You may call God love, you may call God goodness. But the best name for God is compassion.


God is at home, it's we who have gone out for a walk.


What a man takes in by contemplation, that he pours out in love.


There exists only the present instant.

.. a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence.


Do not think that saintliness comes from occupation;

it depends rather on what one is. The kind of work we do does not make us holy but we may make it holy. However โ€œsacredโ€ a calling may be, as it is a calling, it has no power to sanctify.


The soul must long for God in order to be set aflame by God's love;

but if the soul cannot yet feel the longing, then it must long for the longing. To long for the longing is also from God.


Our bodily food is changed into us, but our spiritual food changes us into it.


To the extent that you eliminate ego from your activities, God comes into them - but no more and no less. Begin with that, and let it cost you your uttermost. In this way, and no other, is true peace to be found.


...Where and when God finds you ready, he must act and overflow into you, just as when the air is clear and pure, the sun must overflow into it and cannot refrain from doing that.


God wants nothing from you but the gift of a peaceful heart.


God is like a person who clears his throat while hiding and so gives himself away. God lies in wait for us with nothing so much as love.


The seed of God is in us: Pear seeds grow into pear trees;

Hazel seeds into hazel trees; And God seeds into God.


God is a great underground river that no one can dam up and no one can stop.


The seed of God is in us. Given an intelligent and hard-working farmer, it will thrive and grow up to God, whose seed it is; and accordingly its fruits will be God-nature. Pear seeds grow into pear trees, nut seeds into nut trees, and God-seed into God.


Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness.


If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, thank you, that would suffice.


If I say that God is good, that is not true.

God is not good. I am good, and if I say that God is wise, that is not true. I am wiser than he is.


It is a fair trade and an equal exchange: to the extent that you depart from things, thus far, no more and no less, God enters into you with all that is his, as far as you have stripped yourself of yourself in all things. It is here that you should begin, whatever the cost, for it is here that you will find true peace, and nowhere else.


God holds each of us by a string. When we sin, we cut the string. But God ties it up again, making a knot. Each time our wrongdoing cuts the string, God ties another knot drawing us up closer to Him.


Our best chance of finding God is to look in the place where we left him.


The more we have the less we own.


To be sure, our mental processes often go wrong, so that we imagine God to have gone away. What should be done then? Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure. Learn to behave thus even in deepest distress and keep yourself that way in any and every estate of life. I can give you no better advice than to find God where you lost him.


Man goes far away or near but God never goes far-off;

he is always standing close at hand, and even if he cannot stay within he goes no further than the door.


Behold how all those people are merchants who shun great sins and would like to be good and do good deeds in God's honour, such as fasts, vigils, prayers, and similar good deeds of all kinds. They do all these things so that our Lord may give them something, or so that God may do something dear to them. All these people are merchants.


The now wherein God made the world is as near this time as the now I am speaking in this moment, and the last day is as near this now as was yesterday.


When I experience Love I must go to God. When I experience non-attachment God must come to me.


.... all blades of grass, wood, and stone, all things are One.


In silence man can most readily preserve his integrity.


By humility, out of an enemy He has made a friend, which is more than to have created a new earth.