In a system where the cost of care is hidden by taxes levied on your income, property, and business activities, it is no wonder why so many Americans rely on Medicaid to pay their long term care.

— Michael Burgess

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To be able to detect the outbreak of avian flu anywhere in the world is going to require a partnership of several countries that will share information and samples, but it is important to remember a threat anywhere is a threat everywhere.


Nuclear power will help provide the electricity that our growing economy needs without increasing emissions. This is truly an environmentally responsible source of energy.


Nuclear power is an important part of our domestic fuel mix.


With the absence of a flu vaccination last year, I did not take a flu shot;

but there is still some immunity that carries over from year to year; but about every 30 years, there is a major change in the genetics of the flu virus.


The Leadership Training Institute of America is a cultural think tank providing training and opportunity in leadership development and cultural dynamics.


As a Republican, I am all for competition.


No one can truly be prepared for such devastation and pure malevolence, but the United Kingdom can always look to the United States as an ally resolved to stand firm in the war on terrorism.


We saw in 2003 the beginnings of an outbreak of an illness called SARS.

SARS ended up killing 800 people which is a significant number of deaths, but nowhere near as high as it could have been.


On January 1, 2006, Medicare will begin to offer a prescription drug benefit, and for the first time, it will place an emphasis on preventive care and early treatment of disease.


The Leadership Training Institute of America trains and equips young men and women to be leaders with high standards of personal morality and integrity.


Our community in North Texas is fortunate to have two thriving airports.

We serve millions of satisfied customers and employ hundreds of thousands of North Texans. We should not jeopardize that which is working well already.


In times such as these, people should recognize that evil knows no borders, knows no limits and knows no compassion. Those around the globe that value freedom must continue to persevere even in the darkest of times.


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Nuclear power is here to stay, and we need to support a strong domestic uranium industry.


Our Nation is in great need of young men and women of character to lead in every arena of our society.


Today, nuclear power provides 20 percent of power in the United States.


There are no bona fide treatments available for embryonic stem cells.

There is nothing in the laboratory, and there is certainly nothing in the clinics available to patients.


Most Americans have some experience with nursing homes or other long term care settings, and nearly half have had a family member or close friend in a home in the past three years.


Your Guardians of Freedom is a new program that enables unit commanders and Airmen to quickly communicate with people affected by and interested in the mobilization and deployment of military people.


And, finally, as a Republican, I believe it is important to keep our word and keep our covenant, and that is exactly what we should do with the Wright amendment today.


In my district back in Texas, significant because we have a big solar panel production plant in Keller, Texas, we have a wind turbine plant in Gainesville, Texas, up in Cook Country.


We strive for error-free medicine in a world that is sometimes all too human.


I believe that States should be credited for their non-Federal investment in revenue-generating transportation facilities to address their regional transportation needs.


When Medicare was first enacted in 1965, it provided coverage for hospitalization, doctor visits and surgeries, but there was no coverage for prescription medications.


Especially today, given the tight fiscal situation that many States and localities face, the use of transportation facilities that pay for themselves without additional Federal funding is essential.


The fact remains that most of us are anesthetized to the true cost and true value of long term care insurance.


Well, I have also believed in empowering the individual and believe there is a degree of inertia in big government that hampers the ability to respond to a rapidly evolving crisis.