People are, by and large, quite poor at judging correct absolute values but are astute about determining relative values. Psychologists call this coherent arbitrariness, which suggests that individuals are coherent when they compare prices on a relative basis but arbitrary when those prices are considered versus fundamental value.

— Michael Mauboussin

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We have no control over outcomes, but we can control the process.

Of course, outcomes matter, but by focusing our attention on process, we maximize our chances of good outcomes.


Humans have a strong desire to be part of a group.

That desire makes us susceptible to fads, fashions, and idea contagions.


A thoughtful investment process contemplates both probability and payoffs and carefully considers where the consensus - as revealed by a price - may be wrong. Even though there are also some important features that make investing different than, say, a casino or the track, the basic idea is the same: you want the positive expected value on your side


Emphasising what's in your control allows you to adopt an attitude of equanimity toward luck. You've done what you can, and from there you have to live with the results - good or bad


The plural on anecdote is not evidence


Onlookers frequently confuse edge with style.

..Edge means generating excess returns because of mispricing. Style suggests being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes edge and style overlap, sometimes they don't.