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  1. Multimedia scares me off.
  2. You don't have to fight against being placed in a box any more than the number two has to fight against being the number three. I mean, two is not going to be the number three, ever.
  3. As an artist, you don't think about the parabola or the arc you're describing or where you're going to ultimately end up, you're just kind of crawling around, seeing what's out there.
  4. I just finished a novel, and I'm back kind of noodling on the screenplays. Screenplays are tough. I am making music, I'm just not sure what kind of music it is or where it's going.
  5. There are more honest people and more good people than there are thieves and bad people. It's just always been that way.
  6. It's important to be precise about words, because of the thought value of them-they frame and shape so much of the way we understand things.
  7. You have to have access to ideas. The Internet is facilitating that access to ideas. In 25 years, the way that data's going to flow back and forth, we don't quite understand yet.
  8. Behind every dark cloud there's usually rain
  9. I coined a word the other day, but I forgot what it was. It was a good one, it came to me in a dream.
  10. The Internet provides the access to resources, so it's incumbent upon the people who control those resources to make sure that the economic engine stays intact.

Michael Nesmith Short Quotes

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  • Buzzwords and cliches - those are stock in trade. There's nothing wrong with them.
  • Just because you can thrill a toddler by chewing with your mouth open doesn’t mean you should.
  • Now, DVD can represent more income than the box office-and typically does.
  • First we'll escape, then we'll play baseball.
  • James McMurtry is a true Americana poet - actually he is a poet regardless of genre
  • Don't object so much, you'll live longer.
  • If you really dig a chick, you should talk to her, not steal her picture.
  • I’d play my nose now, but I’m... it’s... my nose is... out being fixed!

Michael Nesmith Quotes On Music

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I never feel like I have to hang on to the music. I don't expect that the music will go away. Ideas are the only thing I can point to that are permanent and fixed. — Michael Nesmith

Even when I take the path to go be a CEO for a month, or a CEO for a day- music is still there. It’s an extremely important part of what I am. — Michael Nesmith

I'm not performing now. What I do now is listen to music all day long. Listening is very nourishing to me. I might go back to perform, I might make another record. I've got a record half finished. — Michael Nesmith

If you love music, than you can play music. — Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith Quotes On People

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People recognize intellectual property the same way they recognize real estate. People understand what property is. But it's a new kind of property, and so the understanding uses new control surfaces. It uses a new way of defining the property. — Michael Nesmith

There's this notion that allows people to create their own collection of songs, so it rewrites what a song is. They may only want 10 seconds of something, or they may only want this particular song, or they want this group of songs. It becomes much more user-controlled. — Michael Nesmith

The only people who steal are thieves, and that's a very small percentage of civilization. Most people want to have some way to make the economic transaction valid. They want to return the favor, if you will... return the benefit and reciprocate. — Michael Nesmith

It's what the Iraqi people are going through right now. They have encountered a victorious, hostile force-but, you know, there they still are. There their culture is, there their history is, they're not going anywhere. — Michael Nesmith

It's clear that people are going to download media files, and they're going to talk to each other, and they're going to exchange information and knowledge and so forth. So this system logic is basically what you bounce off of. — Michael Nesmith

Some ways of using our thinking are really inspiring. There are people who use their thinking to race cars. People use their thinking to build rockets to the moon. It's all just a use of your thinking. — Michael Nesmith

Michael Nesmith Famous Quotes And Sayings

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Once the smoke of the market crash clears off, you know, the Internet will pick back up and go. Take a look at what's happening to some of the big companies like eBay and Yahoo, the publicly traded stocks. You know, they're all coming back up off the mat now. — Michael Nesmith

Typically what happens is, somebody drags an idea from the past that worked in an old set of logics that they try to apply to the new one. And it doesn't work. — Michael Nesmith

There is a certain logic to events that pushes you along a certain path. You go along the path that feels the most true, and most according to the principles that are guiding you, and that's the way the decisions are made. — Michael Nesmith

I haven't been out in the marketplace in a while. I'm thinking about going back into it. I've got some things set up over the next couple of months just to go and see. But I have no idea what the specific way to a solution is anymore. It's mysterious to me. — Michael Nesmith

The rock sitting on the shelf has potential because it can fall-it's the same way with the Internet. It has this potential. It's not really doing it yet, but it's about to. — Michael Nesmith

Linear thinking typifies a highly developed industry. It starts to get these patterns built into it somehow. I'm not sure how that happens, but certainly you take a look at dinosaurs. — Michael Nesmith

Interviews are usually a follow-up, like a press junket or a publicity junket, or something like that, and I'm not doing any of that right now. I don't have any axes to grind. — Michael Nesmith

I don't quite know what a record is anymore. I don't quite know how to describe it. Don't know how to define it yet, so I'm just letting it gestate, and grow and see if maybe I'll get a better sense of what a record is. — Michael Nesmith

Wealth, in terms of dollars and so forth, could be counted up, because dollars were finite. It doesn't make any difference how many dollars you have-at a certain point you only have dollars. You start with finite, you end with finite. — Michael Nesmith

There's a certain logic to systems, and that logic is fairly self-evident. It's very straightforward, usually. It might take a little research, it might take a little bit of industry to prize it out, but it's there to be seen. — Michael Nesmith

Life Lessons by Michael Nesmith

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  1. Michael Nesmith's career has shown that hard work and dedication to one's craft can lead to success.
  2. His willingness to take risks and explore new ideas has also been a key factor in his success.
  3. By staying true to his own vision, he has been able to create a unique and lasting legacy in the music industry.

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