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I wrote six versions of a 30-second tease for an NBA game. You never get it right on the first try. — Mike Tirico

One of the proudest things I see is, now, 25 years after I graduated, when I go to a Syracuse sporting event, there's a senior or a junior from WAER broadcasting sports just the way we did, and just the way it happened a couple generations before us. That's a great legacy for the university and a great tradition that still continues to this day, and makes those of us who were a small part of it very very proud. — Mike Tirico

You can't just look at the back section of the newspaper or the sports section by itself. You need to understand everything that's going on. — Mike Tirico

Always a good clue when you see a quarterback's arm go forward and forward and the hand empty, it's an incomplete pass. — Mike Tirico

Michael Vick almost got hurt on the sideline. — Mike Tirico

Your peers are people in the business who are going to push you forward. So I think it's one of the reasons that Syracuse students come out truly ready for the industry because we've been rubbing elbows with people who are likeminded and just as 'pushy' or as ready to go as we are. — Mike Tirico

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