Often you shall think your road impassable, sombre and companionless. Have will and plod along; and round each curve you shall find a new companion.

— Mikhail Naimy

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Whoever cannot find a temple in his heart, the same can never find his heart in any temple.


Aye, fight! But not your neighbor. Fight rather all the things that cause you and your neighbor to fight.


No love is Love that subjugates the Lover.

No love is Love that feeds on flesh and blood. No love is Love that draws a woman to a man only to breed more women and men and thus perpetuate their bondage to the flesh.


Take care that you hold not your priceless life so cheap as gold.


Logic is immaturity weaving its nets of gossamer wherewith it aims to catch the behemoth of knowledge. Logic is a crutch for the cripple, but a burden for the swift of foot and a greater burden still for the wise.


Ask not of things to shed their veils. Unveil yourselves, and things will be unveiled.


Of two men looking at a green field, one estimates its yield in bushels and calculates the price of the bushels in silver and in gold. The other drinks the greenness of the field with his eye, and kisses every blade with his thought, and fraternizes in his soul with every rootlet and pebble, and every clod of earth.


Men and women yearners must realize their unity even while in the flesh;

not by communion of the flesh, but by the Will to Freedom from the flesh and all the impediments it places in their way to perfect Unity and Holy Understanding


A man of distinguished, beautiful eloquence, and persistent, over pressing thought... Ameen Rihani was one of the foremost pioneers of modern illumination. He firmly believed in the significance of reviving the Arab spirit and protecting the freedom of thought and the freedom of human conscience.


The more elaborate his labyrinths, the further from the Sun his face.


If then, your world be such a baffling riddle, it is because you are that baffling riddle. And if your speech be such a woeful maze, it is because you are that woeful maze.


To feed on death is to become food for death.

To live by other's pain is to become a prey for pain. So has decreed the omni-will. Know that and choose your course !


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Love is the law of God. You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live. No other lesson is required of Man.


When Love gives, it gives all; when it takes, it takes all. It's very taking is giving.


So think as if your every thought were to be etched in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see. For so, in truth, it is.


He who did not taste Freedom on Earth, will not know it in Heaven!


Too vast is Man and too imponderable his nature.

Too varied are his talents, and too inexhaustible his strength. Beware of those who attempt to set him boundaries.Live as if your God Himself had need of you His life to live. And so, in truth, He does.


Your breath upon the wind shall surely lodge within some breast.

Ask not whose breast it is. See only that the breath itself be pure.


Love is the only freedom from attachment. When you love everything, you are attached to nothing.


As you die continually when living. So do you live continually when dead; if not in this body, then in a body of another form.


How much more infinite a sea is man? Be not so childish as to measure him from head to foot and think you have found his borders.


Less possessing-less possessed. More possessing-more possessed. More possessed-less accessed. Less possessed-more accessed.