Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

— Mikhail Prokhorov

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Money is not the thing that drives me.

I like to develop assets to create value. No one cares how rich you are or what your ranking is in Forbes magazine.


I think women make the same mistake with me all the time.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


No one doing big business can avoid some contact with government agencies, regulators, and policy makers.


I have no plans to have any other home than Moscow.

However, I love to travel, and I'm very comfortable in New York. In many ways, it reminds me of Moscow in its energy and drive.


I don’t use a computer. We have too much information and it’s really impossible to filter it.


You could have all the money in the world, but you have to be smart enough knowing how to spend it. I really try to be on that smart money side. Once you make a serious mistake you can suffer five or six years, and I do my best to avoid serious mistakes.


My love affairs are just between my office and gym.


When MRMC vows that “We will turn Knicks fans into Nets fans,” I have to say, it’s not totally farfetched.


I don't understand small businesses, only big ones. Marriage is the hardest small business.


If you know how rich you are, you are not a billionaire.


I've never lost my cool. Even in love affairs. If you have Plan B and Plan C, you are all the time relaxed.


I learned from both my parents that you had to be clever.


About Mikhail Prokhorov

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Profession Russian Politician
Birthday May 3, 1965

Frankly speaking, I like women. In my heart, I am still teenager. And I am very open and I don't want to hide this.


I work 12 to 14 hours a day, and in the spare time I do sport.


I am addicted to sport. Without sport, I feel bad.


I have three joys in my life: work, sport and food. All these come in one and do not make a hobby.


I never count my money. I think that's your job.


I cannot do politics under someone else's control.


Some people say the reason I am not married is that I don't understand small business and the toughest small business in the world is a family. But when you are happy and feel every minute of your life, what is the reason to get married?


There is only one way to go: up. I like to find cheap assets with problems. It gives me power.


The government in Russia does not tell me what to do with my assets.


Nobody was interested in me before I bought the Nets.


Even before my parents died, I felt all the responsibility to my family.

I don't know why. In any business, any relationship, if something goes wrong, I feel I am to blame. It's something inside me.


For some sport is a hobby but for me it is a way to survive.

It makes me calm, balanced and well-rested. Not tired but vice versa. I think sport balances off my work load.

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