If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.

— Mo Willems

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My favorite book is my next one. I’m always hoping to make my next book my best one.


The first bowl of chocolate pudding was too hot, but Goldilocks ate it all anyway because, hey, it's chocolate pudding, right?


Writing for children is as easy as describing the history of the Byzantium in three words.


A picture book is a motorcycle: small, loud, fun, and zippy.

An easy reader is a chartered bus: obliged to carry a rather dull passenger roster of sanctioned curriculum, plus the baggage of an approved, limited vocabulary. The trick is to design your chartered bus to be as cool and sexy as a motorcycle.


When you make a decision, you don't have to be locked into it.

One of the ways that you grow is by starting over.


I always say, 'Books beat boredom,' said Amanda wisely.


An artist is waiting for the audience to understand the work.

A craftsman is working to understand the audience.


I've been lucky enough to have made enough of these types of children's books that while I don't necessarily know what works, I know what doesn't work. I've got a sense of the rhythm and the form. With this series, I get to play with ideas that I would never have myself.


Elephant and Piggie have a very large input.

They have a distinct aesthetic taste. They like books that are philosophical. They like books that are dialogue-driven. They like books that are about issues that they live with, in their own elephantine and porcine ways.


Kids are super-independent. This is the time when you don't need your parents for a story anymore. You have a great degree of agency and independence.


I bet your mom would let me." -Pigeon, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus-


All of the life-changing awesome words and pictures and ideas inside your library are useless without just one word outside your library: Open.


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Elephant and Piggie could just Google themselves! With the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! series, we're picking artists who have a voice already. They have a sensibility. I don't want to make a book about blades of grass. That doesn't interest me. I want to make a book that Laurie Keller uses to express herself in this format. That's the key. That's what's going to keep it individual.


Aggle flabble kabble . . . snurp?


I also learn a lot about everybody else's process.

People create in different ways, so that has opened me up to different processes and experimenting. Laurie Keller is a character person, so she came to the project with these blades-of-grass characters that we were able to literally grow a story around.


The difference between children and adults is that they're shorter - not dumber.


A book, being a physical object, engenders a certain respect that zipping electrons cannot. Because you cannot turn a book off, because you have to hold it in your hands, because a book sits there, waiting for you, whether you think you want it or not, because of all these things, a book is a friend. It’s not just the content, but the physical being of a book that is there for you always and unconditionally.


I think Laurie's Keller story 'We are growing', resonates because when you have that amount of independence, you're starting to ask yourself questions that the grownups in your life have been answering for you. Before that, you are a good kid, or you are a funny kid, because you're told that's who you are. But when it's just you and the book, you have to figure out who you are.