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The Mets have shied away from that iconic club because they don't want the current one exposed to that hard-partying culture which, while well-documented, has also been somewhat exaggerated at times. The guys from that championship team are older and more mature now and can warn the current Mets about some of the pitfalls of fame.

— Mookie Wilson

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I have no decision-making role at all in my job description.

I would have liked an explanation as to why I was moved from first base coach to the ambassadorship, but none was ever given.

Mookie Wilson

Why did I get married in a ballpark? My wife wanted a big diamond

Mookie Wilson

I feel that I deserve to hear just some words to justify the actions of an organization that I have honored and promoted every day of my nearly 30-year existence in it.

Mookie Wilson

It was a strange season coaching under that new [Alderson] regime.

I felt like I was watching the deterioration of the Mets organization. They seemed to have no identity. My concern was that the character of the players they were looking for superseded the talent they brought to the table. Character on a team is important, but you've got to have the horses to win.

Mookie Wilson

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Mookie Wilson is a American baseball player
Nationality American
Profession Coach
Born February 9, 1956
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