The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after.

— Newton D. Baker

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That idea is so damned nonsensical and impossible that I'm willing to stand on the bridge of a battleship while that nitwit tries to hit if from the air.


A fraternity is an association of men, selected in their college days by democratic processes, because of their adherence to common ideals and aspirations.


The great trouble with most men is that those who have been educated become uneducated just as soon as they stop inquiring and investigating life and its problems for themselves.


A Fraternity, too, is of such character that after men have left college they delight to renew their own youth by continued association with it and to bring their richest experiences back to the younger generation in part payment of the debt which they feel themselves owe to the fraternity for what it gave them in their formative years.


To throw bombs from an airplane will do as much damage as throwing bags of flour. It will be my pleasure to stand on the bridge of any ship while it is attacked by airplanes.